Online Seduction By David Wygant

You know, I’ve been asked many times how to create online seduction. When I’m talking about online seduction, I’m not talking about you getting the initial contact with a woman and taking her on a date. I’m talking about seducing her late at night and getting her to come over.

It takes a couple of things to do this. First off, one of the things you need to realize is that if you’re online on a dating site late at night after say 10:00 p.m. and you connect with a woman at that time, you need to quickly – immediately – get her to instant message with you.

It’s a two-step process. One, there’s some websites like that have instant message right away (which is fantastic!). But let’s say you’re on Yahoo! Personals or or or, or one of those.

Let’s say a woman contacts you first, and she writes something like “Nice profile.” You write back to her immediately if you’re online. Because what’s happening here is she’s fishing . . . if she’s fishing late at night, it probably means she’s bored. She might also be a little horny too, you never know. So you just need to play around a little bit.

Below is an actual email exchange with a woman that I met online last summer when the weather was really hot.

What you need to do is immediately email her back and say:

You: “Yeah, I like your profile too.”

And then you bust her on something. Let’s say there’s something in her profile that says she’s spontaneous and daring. So you’ll then write

You: “Are you spontaneous and daring really? ‘Cause everybody writes that.”

Send it . . . immediately challenge her. By challenging her, she’s going to respond to you immediately. If she responds to you right away, she will likely say something like this:

Her: “Yes I am spontaneous and daring. Do you want me to prove it?”

You know, they’re always about proving it. Then you say:

You: “Yes I do. Send me your IM screen name right now, and I’ll send
you and instant message and we’ll chat.”

So immediately she’ll send you back the IM screen name. So now what you’ve done is set up a daring exchange with her.

It doesn’t matter if you use the “daring/spontaneous” exchange with her. There’s a lot of different ways to get her attention. But the bottom line is that if a woman emails you late at night, say after 10:00 p.m., she’s up for an IM session. She’s not up for a LONG email exchange back and forth . . . she’s up late and feeling a little frisky, so you’re playing the odds.

So what needs to happen next is you’ve got to create tension with her. Now let’s say you’re on instant message and you say:

You: “Wow, you really are a daring person.”

Congratulate her for being daring. Congratulate her for coming out a little bit. So she’ll instant message you back and say:

Her: “See, I told you I am.”

What you need to do now is IMMEDIATELY take it out of the small talk range. See, most guys will keep it in the small talk range here and get into a boring conversation about work, the weather, or about other things. What I do is I like to push the gusto.

So congratulate her a little bit for being daring. Then, instead of talking small talk like most guys do, don’t play it safe. Most guys play it safe. Women are looking for guys who take control. Most women are looking for guys who want to be the leader. Women want you to be the leader. Women want you to be daring.

Women want you to be confident. That’s what they’re looking for, so what you need to do is open her up a little bit and say:

You: “Yeah, I’m glad that you’re a little daring, but IM is nothing. I’ll tell
you what, do you want to have some fun tonight?”

She’ll respond and say:

Her: “Absolutely.”

Of course she wants to have fun. You’re getting inside her head! She’s been bored. She’s been sitting around her house just like you have all night long. She wants to have a good time. You don’t know yet what she wants or what type of good time she wants to have, but you have to push the envelope. A strong guy will push the envelope. A strong guy lead her down the path she where wants to go, and you’ll create tension to build the steps. So you’re not going to play it safe like every other guy.

So you’re going to go back to the instant message, and you’re going to say:

You: “OK . . . Have you ever played IM truth or dare?”
Her: “No. What is that?”
You: “Well basically what it’s ’20 Questions,’ but ALL questions
have to be something that’s different, interesting and daring.
You can’t ask any boring questions.”
Her: “Like what?”
You: “Boring questions . . . like about work, family life. It’s got
to be about something interesting and exciting – about
something you’ve always wanted to ask a guy.”

You’re leading her a little bit. And then what she’ll say next is:

Her: “OK.”
You: “OK? I thought you were daring and spontaneous.”

Throw it back at her. She’ll say:

Her: “Yeah, yeah – I’m daring and spontaneous!”
You: “Good. That’s the attitude I like. Now, being a gentleman
like my Mother always taught me, I want you to go first.”

Now what you’re telling her is that you’re a gentleman by letting her go first. There’s a lot of subliminal stuff in here. There’s a lot of subliminal mind teasing.

Nine times out of ten, she will come back at you with some kind of sexual remark. Meaning things like “What do you like to do?” or “What type of sex do you like to have?” or “What’s your favorite position?”

Now, what you need to do is get very creative here. Because most guys would write back and say something very caveman-like and very sexual and in response to a question about his favorite position say something like “I like to pound a woman on top.” No, no, no!! You have to speak woman-talk. You’ve got to be able to seduce her and tease her. Women are all about very visual things described in words.

So let’s say a woman asks me what my favorite sexual position is. What I’m going to do is I’m going to get her so hot right now that her mind is going to be on fire which will turn her body on fire. I’m going to describe a very hot, sensual, erotic massage. I’ll say:

You: “I love to give a hot, sensual, erotic massage.”

And what I’ll do is describe it detail by detail . . . talking about how I love to flip her on her stomach, and how I love to put oil and rub my hands together to get them all warm so she can feel the sensation of how warm the oil is on my big, large hands. You describe it. Then you tell her how you’re going to massage every little inch of her body, how you’re going to touch her thighs, the back of her knees, how you’re going to touch her back.

You: “I love at that point to alternate between my hands and my mouth,
slowly taking my lips and gliding them over your body.”

What you’re doing here is you’re creating a scene. You’re teasing her a lot. What happens next is you say:

You: “That’s what I like to do.”

Don’t turn around and tell her you like to screw her afterwards. Just get her really, really hot. What she’s going to do next is she’s going to say:

Her: “Wow!”

Then you’re going to say:

You: “Yeah, that’s nothing. That’s just the beginning. It’s my turn, right?”

So then what you do is throw something out of left field, because it shows that you’re in control. What most guys are going to do now is to ask her what her favorite sexual position is or what she likes to do. What I like to do is say:

You: “What was your favorite pet you ever had?”

So at that point she becomes very confused thinking “Wait a second. This guy just described the most hot, sexual thing to me in the entire world, he has me totally turned on, and NOW he’s asked me about my favorite pet.” So what she’ll say is:

Her: “My cat fluffy was my favorite pet.”

And you’ll say:

You: “Fluffy, huh? So Fluffy was a cute little pussy cat? Awww . . .
What a cute little pussy cat.”

Tease her a little bit. By using the term “pussy,” she’s already thinking about how her pussy is hot and wet to begin with anyway. So you see that what’s going on here. It’s a lot of creating tension, and it’s showing her that you’re strong. So then what you’re going to do is say:

You: “Your turn, right?”

Then she’s probably going to ask you a sexual question again. She’s going to say something like:

Her: “If you could have a woman do anything, what would it be?”

Then what you need to say is:

You: “I love a woman who respects my dick.”
Her: “What?”
You: “Hmmmm . . .”

Then you wait ten, twenty, thirty seconds, and she’s going to be wondering “What is this about me respecting his dick?” and she’ll start saying things like:

Her: “Well?”
You: “Are you sure you can handle this?”
Her: “Absolutely!”
You: “OK, before I tell you this about how I want a woman to
respect my dick, I want to know what your favorite sexual
thing is to do to a guy.”
Her: “Oh God, I love to give a guy head.”
You: “You know what, so many women say that. But women
who don’t respect dick don’t really know how to give head.”

Challenge her a little bit. She’ll come back and say:

Her: “Oh I know how to give the best head.”
You: “You know what, all women say that.”
Her: “Oh, but I really do.”
You: “Maybe one day you’ll get lucky enough to show me
your skills.”

So what you’re doing is teasing her a little bit, and you’re showing her you’re in total control of the situation. It’s unbelievable . . . it works every time.

Now between emails and IM’s, you’ve probably been into this thing about 45 minutes. So what you need to do now is ask her a question like:

You: “Let me ask you a question. Are you wet right now?”
Her: “Yes.”
You: “What are you wearing?”
Her: [She’ll tell you what she’s wearing] You: “Look, do you want to talk on the phone? It would be
great to hear your voice. Plus I’d really like to hear more
about how you’re going to respect my dick and I want to
tell you what I like to do after that sensual massage.”

She’ll give you her phone number and you get on the phone with her. The next thing you do is start talking to her in a very deep, seductive voice. Then you start saying:

You: “Do you want play more ’20 questions?’”
Her: “Absolutely.”

So, every time she asks you a sexual question, you take a long, slow, drawn out way to describe what you want to do to her. During this time she’s going to be getting very wet. During this time she’s probably going to be touching herself.

So what you need to do when she’s touching herself, is listen for some sighs or some moans. When she starts moaning a little bit or sighing, you then confront her on it because it’s showing that you’re in complete and utter control.

So what you do next when she does that is you say:

You: “Are you going to touch yourself right now? Are
you going to bring yourself to orgasm?”
Her: “Do you want me to?”
You: “You know what? I’d much rather see it in person. I’d
much rather have you here, standing here so I can watch
you. I want to sit in my chair, and I want to tell you
exactly what to do to your pussy.”

Take control!

Her: “Do you really want that? Do you really want to?”
You: “Absolutely. But you know what? I don’t even know you.
I’d invite you over right now, but you could be a crazy
chick. So I don’t want to invite you over.”

Do a little laughter here, because she’s probably thinking the same thing and wondering if you’re crazy. What’s happening here is you’re in complete control, and you’re throwing her fears back in her face.
By making her think you are afraid, it’s a very subliminal, subconscious way to mind f&*@ her all the way into your bedroom. She will show up.

You’ve got to have some balls, and you have to get her to come over. If she doesn’t come over, allow her to masturbate to you but while she’s masturbating tell her:

You: “Look, this is driving me crazy. I’ve got to see you. I’ve
got no problem engaging in phone sex with you, but
tomorrow night I want you to come over and I want to
lick your pussy all night long.”

You need to tell her these things. Get her off. Get her off so strong over the phone if she doesn’t come over, that the very next night she’s going to come over and she’s going to want to be seduced by you all over again. She’s going to think about it all day long at the office.

The next day you’re going to text message her and tell her things you’re going to do to her that night. You’ve got her opened up sexually, so now what you need to do is hammer it home.

We’ll talk more about this . . . if you guys want to know more information, and go deeper into her mindset and how to get her to become your sexual slave at all times, email me! I’m putting together an amazing program to teach you how to seduce a woman . . . any place, any time, anywhere. Hope you enjoyed this, and I hope you enjoy today’s blog.

Look this is a raw story from last summer.

I created this blog so we can have a community of free speech and real advice.

Women are sexual, and no man should ever judge a woman who is open sexually to do the above.

Life is all about expressing your sexuality and being free of judgment.

Live a life that you always desired no games no bullshit.

Todays video is all about how to turn a casual glance on the street into a phone number.