men vs womenToday, I’m going to reveal something you may or may not know.  If you do know, it’s just going to be validation. If you don’t, it’s going to be the biggest ‘aha moment’ you’ve ever had when it comes to your dating and relationship life.

Are you ready for the big reveal, the big secret?

Once you get this concept down, you’re going to understand your dating life so much better.  As a matter of fact, you’re going to be able to use this concept, this secret to your advantage. Here we go, let’s do it.  Drum roll please.

For Men… The Chase Happens From The Outside In

In order to get a man to want to be with you, to make him so intrigued by you that he drops all other women in his rotation, the chase needs to be from the outside in. He needs to feel you. He needs to feel like he’s pursuing the hottest woman he’s ever met.

That’s why when you go out on a date, it’s important to dress sexy, yet classy (and smell good too).

You need to trigger all his senses when you’re out on a date. 

The more senses you trigger from a man, the greater chance he’s going to chase you, because once again, in the beginning, it’s the outside in. He’s got a fantasy of his perfect girl. You may or may not be his fantasy girl but every woman has the chance. She just needs to be sexy in a way, seductive in a way, cool in another way, fun, and open.

This might seem overwhelming, but trust me you’ve got it in you. Think of dating like a game. Instead of giving him 4 give him 2+2.  For example instead of telling him, “You’re so sexy”, try touching his leg and complimenting a skill. The compliment combined with the physical touch will drive him to the edge.

You need to ignite him. Your smell needs to be intoxicating. The kiss needs to linger and leave him wanting more. It’s all outside in when a man chases smell, a casual touch, a smile.  The more stimulating the outside response it the more he is going to want to chase and pursue you and be with you.

Women work Inside Out

You need to feel things when you’re out on a date. You need to feel safe. You need to feel secure; you need to feel like you’re in the presence of a man. You need to feel like the man is listening, and can enhance your life. Inside out is the way you’re wired.  You might want him to look a certain way. But how many times have you been with a man who wasn’t exactly your taste but as you started dating him and got to know him, he became sexier, and sexier, and sexier to you?

Men don’t work that way.  

You never become sexier, and sexier, and sexier. You’re either off the charts sexy when we first meet you and then you become our girlfriend. Or not. You might become more beautiful over time but we need to be wowed, outside in, from the get-go.

We need to go through the feeling of being so attracted to you, we’re sure every other guy in the room is jealous of who’s on our arm.

Men are all about validating.

When a man meets a woman he wants to be intoxicated because men go to their friends. No matter what age a man is, they love to go through that validation.  Did you see how amazingly hot she was? How sexy she was.  It’s funny, they still go through pussy validation stage. You need to go to your friends and say there’s something about her.

He’s really amazing. He makes me feel, and he listens. We don’t do that. Even if we’re falling in love with you, it’s all about being intoxicated by your warmth, your beauty, the way you smile, the way you touch us. It’s simple. I think women need to understand the men they’re dating better. If you can trigger these things in a man, your phone will be exploding with date offers.

Inside out. Outside in. It’s the difference between the two sexes and once you understand the simplicity with it, dating becomes so much easier.