Let’s talk about stalking today.

It really is just another form of abuse.

And it’s another warning sign that tells a woman you are one creepy person.

1. Texting Non-Stop

Just because you have her number doesn’t mean that you have the right to continue to text her nonstop.

If you’ve asked a woman out several times, and she has nicely told you several times that she does not want to go out with you again, if she’s told you she met somebody else, she’s not interested, whatever the reason and whatever the excuse is, she’s telling you nicely that she doesn’t want to be with you.

She’s being nice as she possibly can be.

And yet, you continue to feel the need to stalk her via text. Every few months, you continually ask her out. And every single time, she shuts you down and tells you nicely she is not interested at all.

That is the first sign that you’re a text stalker.

2. You Use a Burner App

For those of you who were born yesterday and don’t know of things called burner apps, they’re apps that give you fake phone numbers that you can text people from.

It’s for the ultra-creepy person to play mind games with somebody who no longer wants to be in touch with them.

So you start sending texts from the burner app, and different numbers show up for her, consistently asking her out, saying things like you miss her, you’d like to get together with her.

Once again, she nicely tells you to leave her alone.

And yet you change the number over and over again, and you continually text her months, or even years after she’s dumped you.

That’s the ultimate form of text stalking. It puts you into the uber-creeper zone.

You see, just texting her from your own number over and over again is creepy enough. But when you actually use the burner app, you’re telling her that you are an emotionally unstable human being who won’t leave her alone.

And you have no concept of how to relate to women or connect with women because a man who knows how to connect with women is not going to continue to text stalk a woman nonstop from different numbers once he’s been blown off, which leads us to number three.

3. You Need Therapy

If you can’t get a woman out of your mind and you’re constantly text stalking her and constantly asking her out and literally doing it right from the get-go, not even texting her and saying, hey, how are you. How have things been. Just checking in. What’s new in your life?

But just literally immediately, each time you text her, asking her out instantaneously and having her blow you off every single time instantaneously…

Even after she said she’s met someone else and she fell in love…

You need psychological help.

You need to hire me as a coach because you obviously lack an abundant mindset when it comes down to meeting women, and you’re constantly caught up on one.

You suffer from the disease of one-itis, and now you’re a one-itis text stalker.

You also need to look deeply into who you are as a person, because if this is the only person that you have connected with or feel like you’ve connected with, and you’re constantly after them, you really need to go get therapy.

Because this is actually a sickness. Stalking is a sickness, and the problem is, nowadays, we can stalk people many different ways.

We can stalk them via text. We can leave voice messages. We can stalk them on social media. But what you’re doing to a woman is actually ruining dating for her and all the other guys she meets afterwards.

You ever meet a woman, and she’s just tenuous about giving out her phone number?

You ever meet a woman, and she’s just kind of, well, nervous about things a little bit, doesn’t want you to know where she lives?

Well, it’s because of guys like you that stalked her.

So, now, she’s going to literally think that all men are crazy.

So, the next time you feel the urge to text stalk, lose that urge. Go get some therapy. Go get some coaching. And meet some new people.