I was sitting in my office today and I’m looking on my bookshelf, I’ve done this a few times so far. And I see this book called “Natural Cures ‘They’ Don’t Want You to Know About.” Who exactly are “they?”

I love that term, “They don’t want you to know about it.” Who are “they?” Are they a committee of people? Do they form this powerful committee together called the “they’s?”
Another term we use all the time, “Everyone recommended this movie.” Who’s everyone? It’s funny, somebody will tell you about a movie and they’ll say this movie is great, everybody recommends it. Have you seen it? No, not at all.

So then all of a sudden, because we’re so programmed, all of a sudden we’ll start talking about movies we’ve heard. I’ve heard this is great, everybody says it’s great. Who’s everybody? With these people, is it Bill, is it Tom, is it Ted, is it Mary, is Alice? Who exactly is everybody? And why did they all say the movie is great?

Dating And Small Talk

So you can use both terms, you can use everybody and they. Everybody, they all said it was great. See a new restaurant in town, everybody says it’s great food. Who’s everybody? Nobody covers their lists of people and here is the deal: I’m pretty particular about where I eat, I’m very particular where I vacation, I’m very particular about what type of movie I see.
So I want referrals, I want names.

I want to see if these people even like these people who are recommending this movie to me. We really misuse some terms and I find it really amusing.
Everybody says that this is a great blog, they should all read it. Who’s everybody? And who’s they?
And how do we use this when we meet someone? Think about making fun of the they’s in the world.