Got a great e-mail today from Jim.

Jim has been a good customer for a long time so I’m going to answer this one promptly.

He asked:


Opening your mail today and I’ve got a question.

I’m sure it’s on most guy’s mind.  In today’s technology age, do you recommend a call or text to initiate a first date? 

— Jim.

Close up of a man using smartphoneThat’s easy, Jim.

Women say it all the time, if you’d listen.

They. Want. To. Be. CALLED.

They loved be called for a first date.  Whenever I sit around with a group of women or when I’m coaching women’s seminars, they always ask, “How come guys don’t call? We all want to hear their voice.  We all want to get that phone call so we can go out with them on a first date.”

So if you want to make women feel happy and if you want to distinguish yourself from all the other men, then do as I do.

Whenever I meet a woman, within a few hours, I’ll text her something funny that relates to the conversation that we had.

That way then she has me in her phone.  You also can mention in the text exchange “Now you have me in your phone and so when I call you, you’ll pick up. J”

That way she knows it’s you, because in today’s technology age, people never pick up the phone from unknown numbers.

Then, give her a call, that night or the next day. If she doesn’t answer, you can say, “Hey it’s Jim.  Why are you not picking up?  I’m in your phone, it should be a priority.” And laugh so she knows you’re joking.

And there you have it.

Shoot her a short text, give her a quick phone call, and you’ve done exactly what you should do in order to ask her out for the first date.

If she gets back to you via text and you end up going out and setting up the date via text, it’s okay.  She won’t bitch or complain to her friends.  You went out and did exactly what women desire.

Even though, as you should know, what they desire and what they do are two separate things much of the time.

But that’s for another blog, another day.