So, you’ve approached a woman.

You start talking to her.

She starts showing a little disinterest.

One-word answers.

Looks in another direction when you talk to her.

Her body language is showing all signs of indifference, always turned away from you.

So what should you do? Be persistent?

Here’s the deal: If she’s showing you these signs, obviously you are not connecting with her.

She’s showing disinterest hoping you’ll go away.

A lot of guys though will stay in it longer trying to salvage the conversation, but in reality you’re turning her off, and you’re not thinking about the future.

To me, life is like a stock portfolio, I’m always thinking about future benefit. I don’t want to turn this woman off at all. I want her to remember that I was just a random guy that came over and approached her, and I knew when it was my time to disappear and vanish into the world.

And why? Because everything comes back around.

So, if I know that the conversation is not going my way, I’ll look at her and say, “You know, it was really nice talking to you today. What’s your name?”

She’ll tell me her name is Erica.

So I’ll look at her and say, “Erica, have a great day, I’ll talk to you soon.”

And I’ll walk away.

What you’re doing is you’re showing her that you’re bigger than her bitchy attitude.

Not only that, it makes her feel a little weird because she knows that she was acting like a bitch to you, and by you being very nice it will make her feel a little crappy.

It kind of turns the tide.

It also shows that you just don’t give a damn about what she thinks and what she says.

Because here’s the deal: you’re going to run into her again.

She’s going to have a cute friend.

And because you’ve already talked once, you’re going to be able to walk over to her and say, “Erica, how are you doing, we met a couple of weeks ago,” with a big smile.

She’ll be really nice to you this time because she remembers that she was bitchy to you the last time, and you were still cool.

Then you’ll be introduced to her friend, which will be wonderful because then you’ll ignore her and talk to her friend and give her a taste of her own medicine, which in turn will flip the attraction switch right back on for you even though she was never interested in you in the first place.

Now you’ve turned the tide.

Most guys don’t understand how to turn the tide.

Most guys are so annoying that the woman wishes that they were Casper the ghost and just vanish.

So now you know what to do.

In life, you run into the same people over and over again. So never be the creepy annoying guy, be the guy that’s strong, powerful and confident, that acknowledges the fact that she’s not interested.

Turn the tide, flip the switch and make her rethink her attraction to you.