The Perfect Kiss By The Desperate Housewife

She is back after a long hiatus our very own Desperate housewife is back with a new blog. Now she is not Terri Hatcher who by the way i saw last night at whole foods and did chat her up a bit….another story another day.
But today we have our very own sex deprived frustrated suburban Desperate Housewife describing the perfect kiss.

Thanks David for letting blog and are you ready for that kiss!!!

The kiss is defined as: to join lips in respect, affection, love passion…
Just the word “kiss” in itself exudes visions of passion. From days of old, the kiss has been portrayed as an intense sensual sharing of touch between two people with pursing of lips.

Some want to dive into a kiss without rhyme or reason in thought of approach. You are convinced somewhere down the lineage; there was some cross breeding with the King Cobra and his lightning fast tongue darting aimlessly..

Guys, this is definitely turn of 101! If your desire is to kiss a woman to the point of her collapse in your arms, begging for every fiber of your being to pleasure her, try this kissing 101 on for size and see if it is more fitting and effective in a pleasurable love making adventure.

When you and the woman are at the point of the imminent kiss, consider the softness and femininity of your partner.

Take her by the hands gently and gently rub your thumbs over her hands, as you are looking into her eyes. This is the only body part and the wisp of her hair above the brow your eyes are gazing upon thus far. Smile softly as you meet with her eyes again.

Now, you can gently pull her towards you, still interlocking gently the hands. Lean in and offer her just the slightest wisp of your lips. Pull back, and then go back in repeating that a few times. As she is responsive, gently place her hands on her shoulders. Kiss her hand a few times softly, closing your eyes each kiss. Her hands are fixed at this point.

Gently take your hands cupping her face and lean in with the slightest touch of your lips and tongue now. Upon introducing your tongue with softness, I guarantee she is making sounds of beckoning for your manhood, increasing intensity. Place your hand in the small of her back, pulling her in gently pressing her breast to your sexy chest. MMM. Still caressing her face, lips neck the tension is building. Intensity must be increased in order to get the full affect of the kissing experience.

Your bodies are pressed passionately against one another and the kiss has increased in speed as far as …everything. Moans and groans, desperate noises are indications..OOOO it feels sooooo good! Don’t stop! Stop every once in a while to steal glances of the eyes back and forth. This connects you on a deeper level, and eye contact with a mans moans and mmmms, OMG that can cause climax there for a woman. It makes us feel very sensual, sexy and surrendered to you as a sexy virile man. OMG I am so hot I can’t breathe here, Whew.

As you are in the throws of the hot passion of a kiss, gently suck her lower lip at intervals. MY GOODNESS this drives me crazy. This is when the hot and bothered really sets in. She is now WELL lubricated and in a state of agonizing pleasure. The whole genital area is pulsating and in need of attention soon!

Men, we LOVE to hear you please moan! That also cause intense lubrication to occur, because we know you are as ready as we are to move on to seductive sexual satisfaction.

PLEASE, don’t rush the kiss. Nice and slow and easy does it will bring her to sexual heights unknown.

Kissing is likened to making love, only with the mouth; the tongue being the pleaser and the mouth the receptor of pleasure.

A kiss ISN’T just a kiss, and a SIGH isn’t just a sigh. A kiss can be very erotic every time if you pay attention to your partner. Move in time with one another. Your tongues should smoothly dance with one another causing a symphony of sensuous stimulation.

MMMMM! Nothing like a hot kiss to set the mood for a pleasured night;) Enjoy;) Kiss kiss!

Thanks Desperate Housewife.

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