God, it’s like football withdrawal right now. What are we going to do until next August?

Baseball is boring. Basketball really heats up soon, but who cares? Well in my personal opinion, I don’t.

Before we men mourn the end of football season, however, all the guys out there need to remember that there is one more Super Bowl coming up this Sunday. It’s called Valentine’s Day.

For those of you who have a date on this women’s Super Bowl Sunday, you had better come up with something good when you make the plans. After last Sunday, it is your turn to celebrate her day and to show her an amazing time.

For those of you who are single and who do not have a date this Valentine’s Day, this blog and today’s podcast are also for you. So let’s talk about Valentine’s Day.

In today’s podcast, I am not only going to talk about what to do if you have a date on Valentine’s Day. I am also going to talk about what to do if you do not have a date, and how to get out of that pre-Valentine’s Day funk.

If you are single and don’t have a date this Valentine’s Day, I have an idea I am going to share with you in this podcast that will make this Valentine’s Day amazing. It is something that will actually have people bringing single people to you so you can have a post-Valentine’s Day date (which is actually even better and much less pressure-filled than a Valentine’s Day date).

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