Let’s Go For A Test Drive
By David Wygant

There is nothing I love more than new girl smell. You know what I mean. The first time you get behind the wheel of a new girl and go for a test drive. The first time your lips touch her lips, and the two of you grind down the long and curvy road.

Nothing feels better than new leather against your skin. I prefer my leather to be very soft and supple . . . I try to avoid women whose hides have been overexposed to the sun.

So why am I comparing sex to a test drive? Well, recently I received an email from a female blog reader who told me she has found a new way of dating, and wanted to know my opinion on it.

This “new way of dating” was a decision to no longer have sex with men until she has been dating them for a couple months. So instead of spending valuable minutes emailing her back with my opinion, I decided to share my opinion of this with all of you.

I’m all about the test drive . . . and taking it as quickly as possible. Now I am not talking about a short, around-the-block, test drive with an annoying salesman in the back seat telling you the benefits of her perky breasts or her nice round ass.

When I am test driving, I don’t need anyone in the back seat telling me to crank up the volume on her screams during orgasm. I also don’t need to know whether she can go from zero to sixty in five seconds. I want a nice slow test drive.

While I want the test drive to be slow, I also want to test drive someone in the beginning. I’m not talking about on the first date. I will also not wait two months to go on my long test drive, only to find that I don’t like the way she moves in bumper to bumper traffic.

So my answer to our fair blog reader is this: Your new way of dating is a waste of time. I like to put my new woman smell through as much as possible in the beginning.

I want to know how she handles in the rain. I want to know how she handles after a rough day. I want to know how she handles late at night.

I want to know how responsive her engine is in the morning. Does she turn over with just a few pumps of the pedal . . . or is she like one of those old carborated cars that you have to warm up and let idle in your garage?

We’re adults. Sex is part of a relationship, and I want to find out as I am getting to know a woman what she is like sexually.

Waiting six or eight weeks looking through the showroom window not being able to drive her or touch her wheels is a waste of time. What happens if you wait that long only to find out that you are totally compatible in every way . . . except that you don’t like the way she rides through the curves.

So when you’re dating somebody new, I suggest taking them out for a drive on a long country road, and riding them really hard to see whether or not you like the way they handle.

Todays video is all about strolling the aisles of your local target and seeing what you can pickup and put in your cart.