Here’s a lesson I think we should all learn. As my birthday approaches this year, I’ve realized something. Life is all about learning to surrender. How many of you have a five-year plan? How many of you have a ten-year plan?

How many of you know exactly how many kids you want? How many of you know the exact type of man you need to be with? How many of you are living with your head and not your heart?

I remember years ago, I was probably around 20 years old, and I met this great woman. She was everything I wanted, but she had a kid. I just couldn’t get my head around being with a woman with a kid. I didn’t want that kind of relationship. I let her go.  So what happened? A year later, I called up. I told her I’d made a mistake and I realized I love her. She told me it was too late. She’d already met someone else.Surrender to life

I didn’t surrender to the opportunity to be with her. In fact, I didn’t surrender to her at all. I was living in my head. I was living in a fantasy world where I felt I had no place for a woman and a kid. It’s interesting because I hadn’t thought of her for years. It was only when someone was talking to me the other day about how we need to surrender to life more, that she popped into my mind.

I started thinking about my life, and wondering how many times I haven’t surrendered to life when I should have. I’ve avoided countless women on a romantic level, because I stayed in my head. I passed on some great women because I was fighting for the existence I thought I needed to have. I wasted so many experiences fighting for what I THOUGHT I wanted.

Now I realize, the universe always gives us exactly what we need, when we need it. It gives us the people we need, and the lessons we need. We just don’t know how to surrender to it. We have all these ideas and plans of how life should be. If something or someone comes along that doesn’t fit the plan, we’re prepared to give them up to stay true to our fantasy of what life should be. Really we’re all just forces, moving around together, meeting each other, and most the time getting in each other’s way.

Imagine if we lived everyday with an open heart. Imagine if we just surrendered to the people who came into our lives. Imagine if we surrendered to love, opportunity, and experiences. How much easier would life be if we lived through our hearts not our heads?

Look at the divorce stats out there. Something crazy like 60% of the world gets divorced. Why? Because that 60% of people had a plan. Their plan was to meet someone, get married, and have kids, and in desperation to stick to that plan, they married the wrong person. Did they really date with their hearts? Did they really fall in love with the person they should have?

Or did they just marry that person because they fit the plan, and you both wanted the same things?

Why Do So Many Marriages End In Divorce?

Wanting the same things and living life with a surrendered heart are two completely different things. You can meet someone who wants exactly the same things as you in life, and together on paper, you look great. The problem is your souls don’t connect. Energy wise, you guys aren’t meant to be together. But because on paper everything looks good you marry. Then years later, you get divorced because you were never meant to be together.

How many have you have been in jobs that you just didn’t really love from your heart, but you just had to do it because it pays the bills? You hated every minute at the place, but you stayed because it paid good money? Then you feel empty inside. You feel unsatisfied. You wake up every single day and you dread going to work.

The reason you dread going to work is because, you’re not surrendering to what you want, or to who you really are. The key to surrendering is to realize you only have one life. There are no second chances. If you’re not living life the way you want you can’t go back and live it again.

It’s funny. The human race is so evolved in some ways, and unevolved in others. You look at the rest of the animal kingdom and you’ll see how full of instinct they are compared to us. God gave us the gift of word and communication, yet we communicate from our head and not our heart most the time. Surrender today. Break down in your own mind what it means to you to surrender. What would your life be like if you went after what your heart desired rather than your head?

Open your heart. Open your soul. Allow whatever needs to come into your life, to come. Then when it comes, surrender to it. It might not be exactly what you thought it was going to be, but it’s what the universe is giving you, and the universe gives us exactly what we need to experience.