Los Angeles. The city of narrow streets.

If you’ve ever driven down side streets in LA, there’s only room a lot of the times for one car to pass another one. You literally cannot go two cars down. You have to always pull over and let a guy go through.

So, today, like on many other days, this woman was coming towards me. I let her have the upper hand, or the upper lane. I allowed her to go first. I noticed that she was going really slow, taking her own sweet time, to make it down the street.

I thought to myself, is this self-centered asshole texting and making me wait because she needs to get a text off?

I saw her neck click down in the blowjob position, and I knew she wasn’t giving anybody head.

We all know how important that text is. God forbid. That person on the other end waiting for the Apple logo… They’re going to need to get that text in very fast. I mean, it’s got to be a life or death text for her to make another person wait. Or, is she just another self-centered, self-absorbed texter.

Well, if I was a gambling man (and I’m not) I would have to say that this woman was another self-absorbed texter. There’s many of them all over the world. You see them every which place that you go.

People walking down the street, walking directly towards you holding their precious phone texting someone. Many times, I’ll just kind of give them a little shoulder to shoulder rub to wake them up. Why? Because people need to be more self-aware. I’m constantly going and getting out of people’s way ever single day as they text walking down the street.

Count it.

How many times are you avoiding people because they are obsessed with texting somebody on their phone? I want you to become more aware of that, and if you are this self-centered asshole that literally walks around making other people wait, maybe you should really start learning that there’s other human beings that are on this planet that don’t want to sit and wait for you to go through your texting.

I want you to take a look at that. Want you to count the times that people are texting. I want you to count the times that you’re held up at cash registers.

Stop lights.

Driving down the road.

Walking down the street. I want you to count the amount of times in a day that somebody is holding you up because they had to get a text in.

Oh, it’s going to blow your mind. You’re going to think to yourself, there’s just no way that it’s more than like three or four times. Trust me, my friend. Not only is it more than three or four times. It might be three or four times in an hour that you have to be held up waiting for somebody to text.

That’s our new world we live in. Feel self-entitled to be texting non-stop, and make you wait for them. Anyway, write it down. Let me know. Share your thoughts, and I’ll see you on the blog tomorrow.