Do you want to know the number one text we want to get?

It’s the text we get from our future partner.

We want to save that text, remember that text. Because that is the text that will change the way we date forever and ever. Remember when we were young, and we met somebody we really liked? We would save things from them like notes (for those of us that used to pass notes in school, you remember what I’m talking about).

We would save notes, we would save little things they got us.

Nowadays, we don’t have notes anymore. We don’t really write letters, but all we do is text. So I want you to think about this while you’re dating. Because I’m in the school of thought that says when you believe it, you will manifest it.

I want you to imagine that your future partner is already in front of you. You’ve already met your future partner. You know what it’s like to be around your future partner. You know what it’s like to have texts and phone calls from your future partner.

That way, when you are texting new people, the hope is that this might be the text you actually save. Romance is not dead, it’s changed. The shape of romance has changed. The way romance is done has changed, but in reality whether it’s texting or sending a video message or a voice message, it’s all little things that we want to virtually keep on our phone. Because deep down, we’re still just the boy or girl that had crushes back in high school.

I remember my girlfriend, Chris, from high school. I remember when I went away to the Bahamas with my parents. Such a long time ago, 1980. 1980 was 36 years ago. Just blows me away to even remotely think about that.

But anyway, I remember. I remember leaving Chris for the very first time, so I spent the entire vacation as a depressed 17 year old.

I wrote down how much I missed her. How much I loved her. How I couldn’t be without her. How in eight years, we’re going to get married and have kids, and I’ll tell you first love. Ridiculously intoxicating in every way shape and form. What I would give right now to be 1/10 as intoxicated as I was when I was younger. And to feel that again would be such a beautiful thing to experience and to feel.

I wrote in these notebooks, and when I got home, I gave her these books. She cherished them. We don’t write books anymore, we barely write anything down. But in reality, all we’re looking for on a day to day basis is our next time text to be that text that we keep from our future partner.