Heres a great old profile I once used…


If you get a message from me, it means that I’m interested in connecting with you because you are evolved. Sensual. Intellectual. Self-Aware. Challenging. Adventurous. And happy.


I offer you the same – but you are smart enough to know that it’s all theory until we sit down together – or take a walk on the beach and just connect.


Like you, I’m not about analyzing percentages or making a crazy list of the 5000 qualities my “perfect partner” has. And I’m definitely not the kind of guy who posts some classic “chick bait” photo of me splashing through a river with my Black Labrador on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Although now that I’m visualizing it, that sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.


Lets see if we spark. We will, if you also want to make something of this life that is amazing, energizing, delightful, adventurous. Life’s too short to live in the box. (Unless of course, it’s a really big box.)


People ask me what my hobbies are and what my passions are.


I’ve gotta tell you – I feel so lucky that the work I do with people around the world is also my greatest passion. I write. I travel. I teach. I do radio interviews.


Every day is a surprise and I get to impact so many people, helping them define their true desires and find the love and happiness they secretly want – but maybe believe they can’t achieve.


I believe anyone can — if they put in the inner work. When I wake up in the morning I never feel like I have to “work.” It’s all opening people up to possibility, thinking about how I can live life better and enjoying our sunny paradise of a city (i love staying close to the beach). I am lucky that my time is my own and I have the power to work anywhere in the world – from my LA penthouse to a canoe.


When I power down my noggin, I love to escape into the world of great food, fun and adventure. I like that world. Where do you want to go next?


So let’s get off our computers. If we share the same vision, ambitions and we spark – this whole thing becomes simple.


Man meets woman. Woman meets man. Pheromones fill the air. And a new adventure begins.


So lets enjoy this. Let’s make this as fun and easy as it was when we were in 7th grade and we had a crush on each other. And I finally got the nerve up to ask you to the snowball dance. And you ran off to tell your friends, all excited.


Listen – if I contacted you, something in your profile resonated enough with me to inspire a genuine curiosity. I’m not here to waste time with mediocre women and if I’m writing you, I have a strong intuition that you’re not here to meet mediocre men.


It’s time for romance, for delight, for joy and for connecting.


Let’s spark…