I’ve got nothing against Steve Jobs in reality, but I’ll tell you what. His great invention, the iPhone, is literally killing dating. It’s making us undatable as people.

Not only because we’re so addicted to our iPhones 24/7 texting and swiping and browsing Instagram with a chronic case of blowjob neck…

But because now you can block people’s numbers

It tells me a lot about somebody’s personality and if you can rely on them when they block your number.

Because when you block someone, it means that I can’t get in touch with you no matter what.

What if, during your blocking periods, something actually happened? Something actually happened that was not good. What am I going to do, write an e-mail during that time I’m being blocked?

What if you got into a car wreck and you couldn’t reach that person.

What if you died?

What if you really needed to talk to them about something that came up, but you were blocked because of a fight that you were in?

It tells me a lot about somebody how they handle conflict.

And it’s bullshit to me. It really is.

In today’s world, we just block people.

Why? Because we have the opportunity to do that.

But in reality, it really just means you don’t want to confront something, you don’t want to talk about something and get it out of the way.

It’s easy just tell somebody, “please don’t text, let’s talk about this later.” That’s the mature thing to do. Now, of course, we all react and we all feel the need to vomit words all over the screen, text somebody things because we’re angry and pissed off.

Hey, it’s the culture we live in right now. It’s hard to control it sometimes when we’re angry or when we’re annoyed at somebody for something they did or something they said.

But to block somebody, to actually go and block somebody, I think is a very dangerous thing.

What’s next, calling the cops on somebody?

Excuse me, can I have a restraining order, because they texted me something really bad. So can you put a restraining order on their iPhone?

What did their iPhone look like ma’am?

Well their iPhone is about four inches tall and about two inches wide.

Ma’am what else can you tell me about their iPhone? Well, it’s got a screen and it’s got a protective case. Okay Ma’am, great.

And how does this iPhone look distinctly from other iPhones, so I can file the restraining order in the court of iPhone law?

Well officer, the iPhone definitely, this iPhone definitely has some mean things that it says sometimes so it needs to be restrained.

Instead of getting on the phone, we just hide behind it.

It’s really ridiculous. It really is.

This is just hiding behind the phone one more time.

How many times do we hide behind the phone when somebody calls, and we don’t want to talk about something we need to talk about, so we just look and see them calling and we ignore it because we’re just so mature emotionally. It’s amazing any relationship ever gets a chance to really form in today’s day and age.

So, all you iPhone hiders —

All you iPhone restraining order people —

All you iPhone blockers —

Shame on you.

Shame on you for not picking up the phone and going, “Hey you — hey the person I love so much — what the fuck is going on between us right now?”

Especially if you’ve never really had a yelling and screaming argument with somebody and you’re just misunderstanding each other.

If you’ve had an argument with somebody in the past, I could understand it the dynamic is abusive and unhealthy and you need to block their number.

But to block somebody or have an iPhone restraining order just because something was said that was mean and you couldn’t handle it…?

Usually when somebody says something mean, you’ve said something mean to them, too. And they’re just literally going down to that level. So realize that it takes two people to literally make an iPhone block happen.

What do you think is going through their head? Do you think they just sit back and wait and say, “When am I going to be blessed enough to be able to communicate with this loving person again?

When am I going to be able to be able to speak to them again?

Because obviously I can’t just pick up the phone and end this thing because I’m blocked. I’m going to go to iPhone purgatory.

I’m not going to be able to go and communicate with them and get this taken care of at all because I have to wait until they calm down enough to unblock me. Or maybe I could just go and file an iPhone restraining order against them, as well.”

I’m sorry I’ve seen it all now.

And it disgraces all you iPhone blockers.

We’ve become a society of fucked up people who can’t have relationships anymore.

It’s very apparent to me, it really is.

Because you know what? It’s far easier not to have a relationship, because the second something goes wrong in a relationship now and there’s a misunderstanding, people go and they hide. They hide in their room and they hide in their house and they hide behind their phones until they’re grown up enough to talk about it like an adult.

People fall in love, there’s a great potential, but then all of a sudden there’s a misunderstanding, and then the technology goes and protects that person from the other person. And it’s something that could’ve been taken care of by really sitting down face-to-face.

But instead we’ve become programmed to think, well I don’t need this shit anymore. I don’t want a relationship.

And then we just block them from our hearts.

And that’s happens when you block a phone number.

We’ve been blocking people from our hearts because we’re all so goddamn afraid and so wounded.

My mother had it right a long, long time ago.

My mother always said that we live in a very wounded world where people are just constantly being triggered, going back to what happened with other people.

Well, here’s the story folks: Do your goddamn work.

Don’t tell people you’re ready for a real adult relationship when you’re not.

Because if you’re still feeling the insecurities from relationships past, there’s going to be no relationship present or relationship future.

As a boyfriend, as a lover, t’s not my job to make you feel good, and you should know that because you should be able to tell each other that.

If I do something that triggers you, it’s your job to figure it out.

It’s amazing how many people just don’t trust each other anymore, don’t trust the words that are said, don’t trust the actions that are backed by the words. They’re always looking for something that could go wrong, and when you look for something to go wrong, you’ll find it.

And it usually starts when you block somebody with your iPhone.

Everybody’s looking to blame the other person instead of taking full responsibility for what really went on. So the next time you block somebody, ask yourself this question:

Have you ever had a full blown fight with this person where you were scared? Has this person ever said anything or screamed at you, or did anything to you that harmed you?

If the answer is no, don’t block that person.

Why don’t you block the other assholes in your life that have fucked you up?

Why don’t you grow up a little bit and block them permanently and do the work that you should’ve done in the first place?

Because otherwise, there’s no way in the world love it going to happen or sustain itself.