It seems to be a trait of so many women. It’s amazing that whenever I email somebody online, I can almost see her look at my picture. Read my profile. Check my profile out 2 days later. Then 3 days later, finally send me an email, because she sat around, overanalyzing everything.

That’s the problem. We live in a TMI society, (too much information society.) It’s plaguing women. Women are constantly asking for advice, overanalyzing things, going over things in their heads, and not DOING anything about it.

It’s amazing when I coach a woman via email. She’ll literally ask the same question 3 times via email. It’s almost like she didn’t believe me the first time, or she was looking for a different answer. That’s what I think it comes down to.

See, with men, we want answers. We’re very black and white. Women are ruled by emotion, so you’re looking for different answers within an answer, when in reality, sometimes there is no answer. When it’s about dating, often there is no answer.

Dating should be simple. Dating, to me, is an act of courage. It’s about going out there on a website, every single day, giving out your phone number, having phone conversations. That’s an act of courage. Deciding to meet somebody, get to know them over a cup of coffee, or having an ice cream, that’s an act of courage.

The problem is, so often we’re trying to read between the lines. We’re trying to find the perfect person. So we don’t go out on enough dates. We’re constantly asking for advice on how to play things, how to do things, and it just doesn’t work.

What I want to do, right now, is to make a pact. Today’s video is going to motivate you to keep that pact. I want you to commit to saying “yes.” Every day, I want you to commit to saying “yes” to a man. Whether it’s a guy you meet in person, or online.

If somebody intrigues you, I want you to commit to saying “yes,” because I want you to go out, even if it’s for a quick lunch. Instead of having lunch at your desk, have lunch outside. Have them meet you and brown bag it. Take him for a cup of coffee after work, or maybe do what a friend of mine did. Just set up dates on a Saturday, and have 3 or 4 of them. Do that on a Saturday afternoon. But I want you to commit to yes.

I want you to stop thinking, stop asking for advice, and I want you to start enjoying the men that come into your life. The only way to do that is to commit to “yes.” Yes is important, yes is great, and yes is going to give you the dating life that you want. No matter how much dating advice you’re getting, it won’t matter unless you’re out there dating.