You ever drive and you’re driving in the left lane, and the person in front of you is Mr. or Mrs. Clueless?

The light turns red… and they’re busy texting. Or maybe they’re daydreaming. Or maybe Facebooking, or Instagraming.

You’re on the freeway and the left lane is supposed to be for faster traffic. Yet, there’s somebody going 50 miles per hour in the left lane and holding up a line of traffic behind him.

You’ll see an entire line of traffic behind this person going super, super slow and an open road ahead of them. Yet they are so clueless that they don’t see it at all.

It blows me away that somebody can be so clueless.

There are people who buy cars and think the rearview mirror is optional equipment.

Or, the person who does u-turns in the middle of the road without signaling for even 2 seconds.


There are people who just walk through life not caring at all. They’ll be on their phone. They’ll literally walk right into you. They’ll open the door and you’ll be right behind them and they’ll close the door right in your face.

They’ll see you walking to the elevator and they’ll be pushing the button so they don’t have to ride the elevator with you.

There are people who don’t recognize that there are other people behind them in the line and don’t move up.

There are people who are just so not self-aware and so clueless. It drives me nuts.

And it should drive you nuts, too.

We have to live together on this planet.

The Earth is full of billions and billions of people.

We all have to live together here, whether we like it or not.

So it’s essential that we actually practice mindfulness every single day.

And it’s not that hard.

When you’re driving behind those other people that are around you, be mindful.

When you’re walking, hold the door open for somebody behind, be mindful.

When you’re in line at the market and there’s a long line behind you, don’t wait until the total amount is there and then you whip out your checkbook debit cards in there. Swipe it right away. There are people behind you waiting in line, and you need to be mindful of them.

When you’re at the market and you’re waiting for the bagger to come, how about you bag your own stuff?

Be mindful of the fact that the people working there are very busy. And there are other people in line waiting to check out.

Be mindful of the express lane when you’ve got more than 12 items.

Be mindful of people on an airplane. Don’t put your baggage in sideways. Other people need to get their bags on the plane.

Be mindful when you got off the plane, and don’t take eight years to get your stuff down.

Be mindful of people when you park your car. Don’t take up two spots. And be mindful when your children open up car doors (which, by the way, is why I’ve never parked next to somebody who’s got a child seat in their car — because I know their kid will most likely open their door against my car).

Be mindful that other people are sharing this beautiful planet with you.

Be mindful be mindful of what you waste because there are people that are starving.

Be mindful, if you’re fishing or hunting, to take only what you need, to take only what you eat.

I know, we’re Americans, and we indulge in way too much.

Be mindful of the environment. If you see garbage on the ground and you’re the person who threw it down, pick it up.

Be mindful if you’re at somebody’s house and you’re a house guest. Don’t leave it a mess, and if you raid the refrigerator, offer to buy them groceries.

Be mindful of all the little things, because in today’s world we’re so as mindful as we used to be.

Practice mindfulness every day on all of the little things and you’ll get back so much more. It’s such a beautiful, amazing way to live your life.