Body Language Tips By David Wygant

Todays blog is an actual transcript from a conversation about body language that Khiem and I had the other day while we went on a hike.

Enjoy, off to London tonight and promise a lot of great videos from London.

Khiem: You know what David? Every time we do a blog, we always talk about that one women who walks into a room and all the men are mesmerized by her. But what if you’re a man, and you want to be that guy? The guy who walks into a room, and everybody just gets the powerful energy vibing from him. What do you think is the source of that?

David: Well, that’s easy! The first step, when you walk into a room, is to slow down. A lot of guys will walk into a room, and they’re hustling their way in there very quickly to make a beeline to the bar, let’s say, if they’re at a party. They have to get there really fast.

What I always tell guys to do is stop when they walk into a room. You frame whatever doorway there is, and if there’s not a doorway, you make a doorway around you. You stop for two to three seconds, and you look around the room.

You look left, center, right, right, center, left, so you’re looking at the entire room. People naturally are always looking toward the entranceway of a party or bar to see who is walking in.

Not only do you do that, but also when you walk in, you make sure you have really good posture. Make sure your shoulders are back, your chest is puffed out; make sure you’re standing straight up. You make sure you look good.

Body language is very important. So much of life is based on initial impressions. So if you walk in there and you command power (commanding power is standing upright and walking in) then you have to walk through that room slowly.

You literally should strut through that room. Walking through that room at a very slow pace, smile at a woman that you see – make that initial contact. Give her a direct look in her eyes, smile, and ask her how she’s doing tonight. That’s it. You can walk away from that right after you do that because it is how you deliver that smile. If you deliver that smile very strongly, if you deliver that smile with conviction, and with good body language, then she’s going to wonder who you are.

Then you go directly your friend (or whoever else) and have great body language when you talk to them. People noticed you when you walked into the room. You smiled at the woman and she smiled back at you – you now have acknowledgement from all of the people that are around you.

So now when you go talk to a friend, you make sure that you greet your friend in the same powerful way. Put your hand on his shoulder, shake his hand, look directly in his eyes, and have a very commanding presence.

Khiem: Now, you’ve mentioned puffing your chest out and everything. What if I have bad body language? What can I do to fix my body language? Or is there anything I should know about how to put my shoulders back? How far back? What’s the right way?

David: Well, there’s a great exercise that I do in order to get really good posture. Go to and order a block. It’s literally a 3”x3” foam block. What you want to do is lay on that block every single night. Take the block and stick it right between your shoulder blades – and lay back on the block. Then put another block under your head. What you are doing is spreading your chest and your shoulders, and by putting that block there, you’re automatically getting really good posture.

You’re taking your shoulder blades and putting them back where they should be, and you’re puffing your chest out so you’re not overdoing it. You’re putting your body into its natural position in that situation. That’s one great exercise in order to get really good body language.

Another one to do is just to stand up against the wall. Stand there and hold your chest back and your shoulders back until they touch the wall. They shouldn’t go any further back than that when you’re walking either. So you should be looking like you’re walking upright instead of walking like Cro-Magnon man.

Khiem: I think that’s a great exercise, especially since I’ve heard from various martial arts teachers in talks about body language that you can even imagine yourself as being hung like a rag doll from the top of your head. If you do that, your head naturally aligns with your back so you look taller than you would be.

Another thing I’ve observed is that a lot of guys tend to have their knuckles facing forward when they shouldn’t. By having your knuckles facing forward, your shoulders kind of close up, which gives you this hunchback look a little bit. If you just open your palms a little bit more – and I wouldn’t say you should walk with your hands completely open, waiting to receive a gift, like Jesus Christ, but your thumbs facing forward would be better. What do you think about that?

David: Yeah, that’s another good tip that guys can use. They’re all really good tips. But once again, not only is body language important but also the speed of your walk. When you walk into a room slowly, you’re a commanding presence that people will notice. When you walk into a room quickly, you’re hustling into that room so fast that you’re basically just a blur. You have to be a commanding presence. You may have the body language right, but you’ve got to get the walk right too.

Another thing is that when you speak with a woman, you need to look directly at her – your body needs to frame her body. This means that if you’re standing there in front of her, whichever direction she is facing, you have to face that direction also. You have to bring her in to that scope or frame – so you’re mirroring each other.

Khiem: So basically what I’m hearing from you in terms of movements is that your movements should be slow, deliberate and flowing. It shouldn’t look jerky, because if it looks jerky, it looks like you’re nervous, right?

David: Correct.

Khiem: And what about hand movements? What about that? I have some friends that always look gay – I don’t know what it is, but the way they move makes them look very feminine.

David: The funny thing about it is that I’m a hand movement kind of guy. I’ve done a lot of TV and I’m always moving my hands around like a maniac. But it’s the way that I do it – I’m facing the person I’m talking to. When you face the person that you’re talking to, you are literally creating what I call a funnel between the two of you. So your hand motions are directly towards them.

A lot of guys have bad eye contact, and they start to look like Pinocchio, just bouncing all over the place and their hands are flying back. Those are the guys that look really gay with their hand motions, because they’re looking all around the room and their hands are flying backwards!

It’s all in the way that you look at somebody. Once again, a strong, powerful man looks directly into someone’s eyes and shows them who the man is. If you have any questions about body language or anything, I suggest you YouTube Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton has great body language when he speaks.

I know when I’m talking to a room of people, I’m talking to left, center, right. I’m looking directly into people’s eyes to make them feel like I’m connecting with them, which is what people are looking for.

This is a good little primer on body language.

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