I’m going to take a trip down memory lane right now.

I’m going to take you all back to the late ’70s. Some of you were not even born yet.

It was a much easier time. Cheaper time. More simpler time.

There was no Internet. No porn that was readily available. And most of what you thought about girls was in your imagination, especially when it came down to sex.

In the fall of 1979, I fell in love with a beautiful little blonde girl named Kris.

She was my first love. What I thought at that time, the love of my life.

She taught me so many things, but what she was was the power of what I call the girlfriend experience.

You see, Kris was younger than me. I was a senior, she was a freshman.

We would fool around quite a lot, but what we did was fairly innocent.

She wouldn’t sleep with me, but we played with each other’s bodies. We learned what a woman and man’s body felt like for the very, very first time.

We played games like just the tip. Well I was hoping we’d play just the tip.

But what we did was a lot of foreplay.

A lot of humping each other.

Playing with each other.

Touching one another.

There was nothing overly graphic. She wasn’t giving me a blow job.

We were just being innocent kids, touching and feeling the opposite sex body for one of the very first times.

Of course I wanted to have sex with her.

I was a 17, going on 18 year old high school senior. But I respected that. I respected her. You see my mom and all her friends always taught me to respect girls. So Kris was a girlfriend experience for me. I loved her. She ended breaking up with me in June of 1980, right before the prom. And fooled around with Jimmy White.

Broke my heart at the time.

But that girlfriend experience taught me a lot.

It taught me how to listen, how to be patient.

About a year later I came home from college, and Kris decided to sleep with me and we had sex. And for the very first time I was making love to somebody. I was having sex that was loved-based.

What did that teach me? Well that was all part of the girlfriend experience. It taught me the difference between sex and making love.

These lessons actually helped me throughout my entire adult life. I’ve always been a very patient lover with women. Why? Because my girlfriend experience, my first experience, was one of patience. One of learning. I also learned how to respect the girl and respect a girl’s body.

The girlfriend experience is a very powerful experience for me because it wasn’t about getting laid. It was about listening, respecting, getting close, and honoring another person. It was a beautiful time in my life, and I will always remember it on so many levels. I had found that a lot of men who have had great girlfriend experiences in the beginning stages of their life tend to have healthier relationships with women as they get older. It’s because they truly respect the woman.

I found the guys that got frustrated and maybe just got laid tend to really think of women as more disposable and don’t have the same exact skills to really connect deeply and be patient and trust.

I don’t know, I just felt like sharing this. What was your first girlfriend experience like? I’m curious.