Own the Place by David Wygant

Have you ever been to a place over and over again, yet you still feel like you’re going there for the very first time?

It’s because you don’t own the place. You have to own the place. You have to own the territories that you go in.

For instance, we’re walking right now down some street onto Main Street for the Farmer’s Market. Hollister – Hollister and 2nd, for all of you people in Santa Monica. And what we do on Sundays is go to this Farmer’s Market.

This market is great – it has pancakes, eggs, muffins, and tons of people walking around.

But plain and simple: when we come here, we are so comfortable with everything around here. We’ve walked Main Street every Sunday just having a good time, and we own it.

So when we walk, we talk to everybody that we see – every single person that we see, and it’s very easy for us because we’re aware of everything. We’ve been here; we know the food, we own every place that we go to.

You’ve got to start owning the places that you go to. If you go to a place on a regular basis, you have to own it. You have to get to know everybody there, and talk to everybody there – because if you’re going there on a regular basis, other people are too, and you can meet a new network of friends and contacts.