How many times has your mom or dad or grandmother said, “You can’t have everything when it comes to love. You’ve got to make compromises.”

We’ve been conditioned since we were little boys and girls to make compromises on the most important issue of our entire lives.

What bigger quest is there, than to find love?

Think about it.

Jobs? Sure. Careers? Absolutely—those are big things in life.

But a career and a job is something you do from 9 to 5.

The person you come home to, the person you create a future with, the person you create a family with—they’re always there, always with you.

You can’t settle when love is something that permeates your entire life.

Are you dating now, hoping to meet somebody—anybody breathing—to be with?

Well, here’s the deal: You can have everything in life.

The problem is, you’ve never understood how simple love really is.

Love is probably the easiest thing to find, once you understand just how simple it is.

Why is it simple?


It’s because all you need is a mindset shift. You’ve been seeing love the wrong way all your life.


You can have everything you want.