Age Greater Bar or Real Age? By David Wygant

How was everyones weekend?

I had the opportunity to work with a great guy from Scottsdale. I am off to NYC on Friday for a bootcamp as well as some one on one coaching.

I think todays post will really hit home for a lot of men and women especially after the weekend.

Which number is greater: your age, or the amount of women or men that you’ve met in a bar?

Think about this for a second. Think about the number of great women or men that you’ve actually met in a bar – or a nightclub, or a restaurant. Write it down.

Now take a look at your age – which number is higher? Usually your age is higher than the number of great men or women you’ve met in a bar.

It’s funny – I was with a client the other day, and we were talking, and he kept saying to me over and over again, “man, I just hate going to bars. I can’t stand going to bars. I really want to go just do something else.”

And I said to him, “how many women over the last year do you think you’ve actually met in a bar?” He looked at me, and said, “I’ve met one.” I said, “so do you average one per year?” and he said, “yeah, probably one per year.”

He’s 40 years old, and I asked him how many years he’s been going to bars. He said probably since he was 18, and I said, “so basically in 22 years you’ve met 22 women, and you’re 40 years old?” I don’t like that ratio. I think that number is pretty ridiculous.

Think about it – how many people have you actually met in a bar? If that number is greater than your age, then you should continue to go to bars. But if that number is less than your age, then I think you need to reconsider what you are doing on Friday and Saturday nights.

As we get older, our age will always increase. But to balance the scales of life, if the number of the women that you’ve met in a bar is not greater than your age, then you are just wasting time and wasting years.