Here’s what women do.

100 percent of the women are waiting for about
10 percent of the men to approach.

About 10 percent of the men in this world know how to successfully approach women naturally, 24/7, all the
time. The other 90 percent of men are battling some form of approach
anxiety, not knowing how to approach in certain situations.

How do I know this? I’ve been coaching guys for so long. I’m trying
to get guys to join me in the 10 percent because it’s fantastic to
live there, but the ratios don’t have to be that high. Women could
change that percentage if they just paid attention to their
surroundings a little bit more, made it easier for men to approach,
and made it easier for guys to talk to them. Smile, be friendly, drop
the cellphone or the smartphone and actually say hello to a guy
they’re attracted to. Things would change if women just made
themselves available. You have maybe about 40 percent of the guys
being able to handle it then. Meeting other people would be so much
better if women participated.

Most women don’t make themselves available at all. They expect the guy
to walk over there like some miracle worker, and break down the wall
that they’ve put up for that day. Most women refuse to come over and
say the right thing at the right moment even though women swear
they’re always in the moment. Really? I know you say that and I know
you want that, but you don’t make yourself available for the guy to
say hello to you in the first place. You can make it easy on the
men—you have all the power. It’s as simple as saying hello. I’d like
to be a woman for 24 hours, I’ll show you how many numbers I can get.
Men are easy. It’s easy to pull men over, it’s easy to flirt with
them, and it’s easy to make them feel comfortable and safe. Stop

And the 10 percent of the men that already approach you, you
don’t trust them anyway! A lot of women don’t trust them because they
think they’re just players. They don’t trust it because the guy was
too slick—the guy said all the right things. So maybe 5 percent of the
10 percent actually get your phone number. Make it easy on us. Make it
easy on us, and it’ll be easy for you.