Mayor Of Your Own Life
By David Wygant

2008: An election year. This is the year we are finally going to get rid of Bush and see who our next mistake will be . . . but hopefully not. Every one of these presidential hopefuls will be trying to charm the vote out of you.

This blog, however, is not about political campaigns. This blog is about learning how to run your own political campaign.

Whenever I do a bootcamp, guys are always amazed that I seem to know everybody. The first time Yakub did a bootcamp with me, he kept marveling at this terming me “The Mayor of New York City.”

The “Mayor” term came from the fact that everywhere I went, I knew somebody. I knew men. I knew women. I knew kids. I knew dogs. I knew shopkeepers. I knew everybody. By knowing all these people everywhere I went, I also got to know more new people.

The number one mistake that men make when they go out and try to meet women . . . is that they go out and try to meet women. Think about that statement for a second.

You call your friend up on a Saturday afternoon to go out with you and meet women. So what do you do? You go to a coffee shop, you stare at a good looking woman, you stress your brain trying to remember the perfect opener . . . and you ignore everybody else in the entire place. Does this sound familiar?

I used to do the same thing. I used to go out and try to meet women. I’d call my buddies up and say “Let’s go out and pick up some women today!” So all day long we would go out and find women, stress out about what to say to them, and we would ignore everyone else.

As I stated before, this is the reason why you do NOT meet women. Now, let me teach you something that is far simpler and a thousand times more effective. It is not only more effective, but it will decrease your rejection rate 100%.

Instead of going out and trying to “meet women,” go out and start meeting people. That’s right. Start talking to everybody you know . . . and everybody you don’t know. By going out and communicating with everyone, you’ll start attracting women instead of having to chase them.

By talking to the little old lady who is walking her dog, that hot woman you want to meet will notice the good positive energy you’re displaying toward the old lady. This will cause her to become attracted to you. She will stop, and she most likely will even open YOU.

Here are five key people in your life you need to get to know:

1. The checkout people who work at Whole Foods or your local supermarket
2. The person who serves you coffee every day at Starbucks
3. The person who works the counter at your dry cleaners
4. The person who makes your sandwich at lunch
5. The host at the local restaurant you eat at regularly

By getting to know these people, when someone you’re attracted to is behind you in line, you can break the ice by starting a conversation with the checkout person with whom you’re already comfortable. That eases the pressure of beginning a conversation with the person you’re not yet comfortable.

Your list can go on and on. You should be talking and be friendly to everybody you meet.

Think for a second about the whole election process. You listen to a candidate, you listen to their campaign, you watch campaign clips. You then vote of course for the person you think will change the country for the better . . . but also for the one you think is most personable.

The difference between the person who is a good campaigner and the person who is a bad campaigner is that the good campaigner is able to build up trust. Do you trust the person for whom you’re voting – yes or no? The only way to figure out which person you trust is to see which person makes you feel comfortable.

As I stated earlier, most men make the mistake of not talking to the people around them. Those people around you are the most important people to get to know. As you are also already well aware, it is extremely hard to start a conversation with a total stranger when you haven’t talked to anyone else all day long.

Think of talking to everyone like a warm up. All good baseball players warm up over and over again before they play. Peyton Manning throws the same passes in practice to Marvin Harrison over and over again even though they’ve played together for ten season.

Do you think meeting women is any different from anything else you want to become skilled in doing? Why do you think meeting women is exempt from all other natural processes in life? It’s time you became mayor of your life.

It’s time you went out and started to practice meeting everybody. By doing this, women are going to become attracted to you. Not only that, when you talk to everyone you don’t look like one of those sleazy pickup artist who run lines and routines on women wherever they go.

I’m going to lose it if I hear one more guy walk up to a woman and say “Can I ask you a question? Who lies more, men or women?” You know how I feel about routines.

You will never again need a routine if you naturally learn how to become mayor of your own life. Not only that, but women will start to approach YOU. So now who would you rather be for the rest of your life – the pursuer or the pursued?

Todays video can teach you how to use the power of body language to convey the power of being the Mayor of your life.