Dating is a very funny process.

I run into a lot of women that seem to be more attached to their pets than other people.

The other might I was on Bumble and I was matched with this woman.

She said hi to me, and as all of you know, I can’t stand just the word hi to start a conversation.

Especially online. It’s okay in person. But online it’s kind of boring.

This woman had three pictures of her. The first picture was her holding her dog close to her face.

The second picture was her holding her dog in kind of a bear-hug.

And the third picture was her holding her dog in another bear-hug. Those are the three pictures that depicted who she was on Bumble.

Her profile was short and to the point.

It literally said, I’m here on this planet to make my dog’s life great. There was no smiley face there at all, it wasn’t actually a joke. Her pictures were about the dog, her words were about the dog. And I started thinking to myself, there is no room for me in her life!

Now, I’m a dog lover.

I think dogs are wonderful and I think they’re great.

But they’re by no means a human substitute.

There are a lot of women who call them “fur babies.”

I’ve seen that on their online dating profiles. They go, “proud mother to a fur baby.”

The woman is usually 43 years old, her window of opportunity to have a child is done and over, so she’s happy that she has a fur baby. It’s usually a little dog that she can travel with, take everywhere, and literally talk to like it’s a human being.

And all this got me thinking…

Do you love your dog more than humans?

Now, I can understand why. Because after being a certain amount of time on this planet, dogs are pretty kick ass and amazing.

They’re always excited when you walk in the door and come home.

They never talk back to you.

They’re always loving.

They’re always up for an adventure, and they’re spontaneous as well.

Dogs are more spontaneous than humans because all you have to do is look at a dog and say, do you want to go for a walk? And the dog goes absolutely crazy.

You could be watching TV with your boyfriend and literally say, hey, do you want to go for a walk? And he can look at you and go, not now.

Dogs don’t disappoint at all.

They’re always excited to see you, they’re always excited to be around you. And they’re always excited when you’re home. It feels like every time you walk through the door, even if they were laying on the couch, they’re going to get up, run to the door, jump all over the place, do a complete 360 degrees, and tell you how much they miss you even though you’ve been gone for only five minutes.

Dogs are amazing…but

By no means are they human substitutes, and I’m finding a lot of people who use them as a human substitute.

And that’s where it starts to get dangerous.

My mother used dogs as human substitutes. She loved her dog, Lucie, more than her own kids.

She loved Eddie more than people.

She loved her dog, Miguel, more than anybody.

She stopped having relationships with men.


Because dogs didn’t disappoint her like men.

So if your story is all about your dog, you need to change that story.

The bottom line is…

You really need to really rewrite your story. If you’re using your dog as a human substitute, you need to work on the things that are really blocking you from having great relationships in your life.

A lot of people like to escape into substitutes.

But nothing substitutes love. So grow, appreciate your dog for the dog he or she is. But a dog won’t have a conversation with you, no matter how smart you think your dog is. Your dog is still a dog. It’s not that smart.