There are these two dogs. One of the dogs was Buddy, and the other dog was Carl.

The last couple of weeks I’ve been borrowing them to play with with my daughter.

Now before I started borrowing the dogs, I’d walk in and they’d give me a little greeting.

A little sniff, a little greeting, and that’s about it.

But now, ever since I’ve borrowed them and we’ve bonded, they give me the biggest greeting in the world.

When I walk in now, they are full of emotion.

They are dancing around in circles. They can’t wait to be pet.

They’re jumping all over me, following me all over the place.

Yet, if you think about it, I’ve never really talked to either one of them.

You see, they don’t really understand really much of what is being said with words.

But with emotions, they totally know how to express themselves.

I’ve watched these dogs greet other people, and they don’t really greet them much at all. As a matter of fact, they look at them, sniff them a little bit, and they walk away and do their own thing.

Dogs are pure emotion.

Humans, sometimes I think, are pure headspace.

A human being walks in on a date. You think to yourself, should I hug them? Should I not hug them? Should I kiss them? Should I not kiss them?

Now granted, some of you are like dogs and you’ll actually give somebody a hug and look excited, but most of the time we’re thinking our way through relationships at the beginning instead of just feeling connections as they arise.

Dogs just feel the connection.

They don’t think. They don’t even have the capability to think, because if dogs were as smart as their owners wanted them to be… They wouldn’t be sniffing each other’s butts 24/7.

Eating poo off the ground.

Smelling every single bush and tree imaginable on a walk and then licking weird stuff off the sidewalk.

Dogs do all this stuff because they are primal. They’re primal beings. They primally feel, they primally sniff.

And they act in primal ways all the time.

That’s the beauty of dogs, and that’s why so many people have dogs.

Yet, so much of the time people put human emotions on dogs.

“My dog is so smart.”

“My dog understands everything I’m saying.”

If you’ve ever researched dogs, they have very limited vocabulary. Most of the words that come out of their mouths are a combination of blah.


And more blah.

Dogs are all about tone of the voice. Even right now, I am dictating this sitting next to Buddy and Carl, and they have been eagerly looking at me because the tone that I’m using is a tone of compassion and warmth and love as I dictate this blog.

Dogs are all emotions. My old dog Daphne, whenever my ex and I used to fight, would run for cover. Literally go into another room and hide and shake.

Because she was so sensitive to emotions.

She came from a divorced home, so when we were arguing it brought her back to the pain that she felt as a puppy.

Once again, dogs are pure emotion. So the next time you look at your dog and say “my dog is so smart,” I want you to add this to it:

“My dog is emotionally smart, and I can learn how to be a more primal, loving being by just the way my dogs look at me.”

As I’m talking right now, Buddy is cleaning his private parts. They are purely primal in every way, shape, and form. Dogs are pure energy, pure love. So we can learn that. So the next time you see somebody:

I don’t suggest sniffing their butt, or licking your private part in front of them. But, I DO strongly suggest getting in touch with more your primal love, your primal instincts, your primal emotions, and allow yourself to dance around in circles, allow yourself the opportunity to be excited about the other person standing in front of you.

Get more in touch with your emotional side, and get less in touch with your head side. And by doing it…

You’re going to start having better love relationships and people are going to start thinking of you as just one loving being. And plus, who doesn’t like being spoken to nicely, and who doesn’t like to be pet and rubbed and caressed all the time?