How many of you have been on vacations where you really let go and got in touch with yourself?

Today, I chatted with some friends about taking risks, and about how taking risks is one of the only ways to get the love you truly deserve. I want to ask you a question: When’s the last time you disconnected from your life?  When was the last time you actually let go of all of the STUFF in your life?

It’s important. This morning, as I’m trying to get my stuff done for work, I was being inundated with texts.  People in my life asking me when things are going to be done, when this is going to happen, and that is going to happen. I realized it’s all just a bunch of stuff. It’s all just “stuff” that doesn’t even matter in the end.

Why are we all here on this planet? We’re all here to be in love. We’re all here to love each other, to connect with one another.  We’re all here to experience each other.  We’re here to travel; we’re here to go to places, and have experiences.  Yet every single day, we’re caught up in our stuff. We’re so caught up with our day-to-day stuff that we don’t even let go and enjoy the things being presented to us.

When’s the last time you really experienced something with a clear mind?

The other day, I was at the gym and this woman was working out.

I thought she was working out hard until I really looked at her.  In one hand, she had her iPhone.  She had her ear buds in, and she was doing squats, holding her iPhone.

She wasn’t experiencing it.  She wasn’t experiencing the squats.  She has to listen to the music coming in through her headphones.  She literally had to have her own music on instead of listening to the music at the gym.  But she had to consciously hold that phone.

Another day in the gym, I was watching two women working out together. They were talking to each other but texting other people and looking at their phones at the same time.  They weren’t experiencing each other.  They weren’t experiencing their friendship.

Every day people are doing things on autopilot and not paying attention to all of the beauty around us.

It’s no wonder why so many of us are running around single. It’s because we’re never really connecting with the people in our world.  That’s sad to me.  I see it day in and day out, as each day passes more and more people are connected to their phones and not to other human beings.

More and more people are unaware of their environment. So today, watch this video and start to understand about taking risks and what connecting is all about.  Allow yourself to have a 1 minute 32 second vacation today, and tell me how you feel after you watch this video!