Now, this article is of course for all the women out there who have cats. And you know what? Men as well. You should read on if you’re a cat man.

Ah, that would actually be a funny superhero costume. Catman.

It would be Batman’s adversary.

The adventures of Catman, he’s got whiskers, he knows how to use the litterbox, and most importantly, he knows how to be standoff-ish when he needs to be.

But anyway, the question is:

Are you using cats as a substitute for relationships?

Are you turning into crazy cat lady, the more you age?

You have three, four, or five cats living in your house, all cats of different personalities because we know not to ever get the same cat. And the great thing about cats is that there aren’t two cats that are exactly alike.

There’s the rare fully loving cat that acts like a dog, there’s the standoff-ish cat that acts like, well, a woman who is on her PMS cycle 24/7.

There’s the nasty cat, I remember my friend had a cat like that. When you would go to pet the cat, you’d have to do it leaning in the other direction. Why?

Because the cat was a master at swatting.

No matter how nice you were petting it, eventually that cat would turn on you.

But I want you to look at your life, I want you to think about your life, and I want you to ask yourself this question.

Do you have a lot of cats, are you using them as human substitutes?

Are you turning into crazy cat lady?

Now, there’s nothing wrong with cats. There’s nothing wrong with pets.

I read an article about dogs as well. But when we start using them as substitutes for human interaction, and we start getting lost in the world and being crazy cat lady, we’re really just avoiding all the things we need to really work on, because your cats will love you (well at least some of them will).

I know, I know. Cats make you “work” for their affection, right?
But the real part of life is to be on the journey of together-ness.

And the fact is, if we’re avoiding the relationships through our pets, then we’re really avoiding true growth.

Because your cat will never call you out on your shit at all. Your cat happens to like the life that it leads. Likes the fact that its litter box is changed, it likes the fact that you pet it, it likes the fact that it can be on its own and it likes the fact that you don’t expect much out of it. So maybe a cat is a reflection of how you feel about relationships, but in reality life is all about love and relationships, and that’s why we’re here.

Cats are (at times) just substitutes for avoiding the truth.