I have a great idea, ladies.

Why don’t ya’ll come over to my house tonight and we smoke a bowl of oxytocin?

It’s a great high.

Actually one of the best highs ever. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

It actually clouds your judgement and helps you create a story about a man that may or may not necessarily be true.

Oxytocin: The Love Potion

oxytocin clouds judgementOxytocin is being released daily by women all over the world who are mistakenly having sex with the wrong men.

When I walk around, I’m kind of like the kid from the Sixth Sense. Remember him? He saw dead people.

Well, I don’t see dead people. I see horny women everywhere. I see women that are just aching to be dominated by an incredible man. I see women with their sexual energy so wanting to come out. I see women giving it to all the wrong men.

If you’re a woman looking for something different – meaning you want a family, you want a kid, you want a relationship – then I strongly suggest you stop smoking the bowl of oxytocin and start focusing on what you really want.

Every single time you take a man inside you, every single time you let a man enter you, every single time you release oxytocin all over the moment, you’re only slowing down the quest that you really want to be on.

When you release oxytocin, you start mistakenly having feelings for somebody who may not necessarily be who or what you’re looking for. Even though you say that you can separate sex from love and everything else (which a lot of women do), once the oxytocin is released, you really can’t separate much of anything. It clouds you. It’s a drug. It makes you start to think and feel different. You start to maybe see potential in a man that there would be no potential with. It really clouds your judgement.

The better you are, the better he is in bed, and the more orgasmic you become with him, the more clouded and confused you actually get.

Know Your Path and Stay on It

Oxytocin is something that all of us love to create. Take a hit of oxytocin and you feel wonderful. Take a hit of it for a few hours and you feel even more incredible.

But I truly believe that if you want to have kids, and you want to get married, and you want a relationship, and you’re energetically letting other people inside you, it’s slowing down your path, because every time you let somebody enter you and his soul and your soul mesh, what happens is you’re not going to stay focused.

I truly believe when you stay focused on a path – when you stay focused on your dating, and you eliminate the sex and you date because you want a relationship, and you’re not slipping up and having sex with somebody because you have this attraction that you can’t control – then you’re definitely going to stay on that path and find a relationship.

It’s about staying on that path. The longer you stay on that path, the better it’s going to be. If you desire that relationship, every single time you allow a man to get inside you, you’re slowing down the quest.

Let’s just say you’re a woman over the age of 40. You desperately want a child. You want to have a kid. You don’t want to just date anymore, but you’re constantly getting tripped up by men that you’re attracted to.

So you allow them to have sex with you and every time you allow someone else’s energy to enter you, someone else’s energy to become a part of you, someone else’s energy to mix into your energy, you start closing off your goal. When oxytocin is released, you get  a little clouded, you feel good, you get caught up in it.

So my job is to remind you that if you truly want and desire a relationship, you need to stop having your ship collide with another’s ship that’s going nowhere.

Stay on the path. That path is really important. You can’t break from that path. That path is one of the best paths you be on. Stay on it, be focused. Masturbate if you need to get rid of that sexual energy. And start going out with your one goal in mind. If you stay focused on that, eventually instead of getting tripped up, you’ll meet the man that you’re supposed to be with.