I have a great idea. Let’s kiss.

No, let’s not just kiss, let’s make out.

You know, the type of make out session that you used to have when you were back in high school? I remember those make out sessions. I remember when I was a senior in high school. My girlfriend Kris and I would meet up between class at my locker. My locker was across from the nurse’s office. There was nobody in that hallway. The only thing in my hallway was about 20 lockers, the nurse’s office and the auto-mechanic shop.

It wasn’t a hallway anyone would pass down. I remember I got that locker as a freshman, I thought to myself, “I hate this locker.”

“There’s nobody here in this hallway, it’s kind of creepy.”

But as I matured into a big senior on campus and I had a cute little girlfriend, I realized that my locker was the best place in the world to me.

Boy did I have some outrageous amazing kisses at that locker. Make out sessions. You know the ones where your tongue meets someone else’s tongue and it does this dance. This incredible, sensual dance. The other person’s tongue moves at the exact speed you like, the pressure between both lips. It’s perfect. It’s playful, yet passionate. You can feel the heat building in your body when you’re kissing that person.

It’s like their tongue moves one way and yours moves exactly the same way. It’s like you were made for each other. You break away from one another, you stop kissing for a second, and you get that unbelievably amazed dizzy feeling. That lightheadedness that you get when you have the absolute perfect kiss.

Your body is turned on instantly, but you don’t want to do anything except just keep being turned on and keep enjoying the amazing moment.

Kissing is so much fun. I love when I get that lightheaded feeling when I first kiss somebody.

But how often do we get that?

There are a lot of kisses that are just awkward.

You go in and you kiss somebody for the very first time and they kiss at a much different pressure than you.

There are many different speeds for kissing. I’ve kissed some women where I feel like it’s a windshield wiper on a rainy day in LA. There’s only one drop of rain and the wiper moves ever so slowly.

I’ve kissed women where I have felt absolutely no passion at all. We just don’t align. And then I’ve kissed women where our mouths are hungry for one another.lets-kiss

You know that hunger where you feel like you just want to eat them up? Because if you have that kiss where you can feel their energy, taste their hunger, feel their passion, everything else falls into place.

I know when I kiss somebody like that, my hands just wander aimlessly. I know when I’m kissing like that, when I’m connecting to her mouth on such a passionate level, I know the way I’m going to kiss her body will be exactly the same way. I can feel her hunger, and when I’m feeling her hunger, I’m hungry to kiss her all over.

There’s a great song by Exile (you need to play) called Kiss You All Over, and one of the best lines in it is “I want to kiss you all over until the night closes in”.

Such an incredible, hot, sexy line.

Isn’t that what we want to feel when we kiss?

So let’s have some fun today. Down below, I want you to describe your perfect kiss, how you like to be kissed, what turns you on the most. What turns you on the most when you kiss somebody, and what do you do when there’s an awkward kiss on a first date?

I dated somebody a while back, and the first kiss was so awkward. I felt nothing. So I gave it one more chance. We both talked about how awkward the kiss was, and how our styles were so not the same.

And then we kissed again, and it turned out to be one of my best kisses that I’ve ever had. So let’s talk about kissing today.