Let It Go
By David Wygant

I get about twenty emails a day from people who are still obsessing about an ex. These are not short emails either. They are generally very long emails . . . and sometimes very painful emails.

In my ten years of being a Dating Coach and running Dating Workshops, I’ve heard it all, from the woman who was obsessed with Harry Potter to the guy who really thought that Paris Hilton was his girlfriend.

From the crazy to the more normal, every day that I work with Singles who find me from Yahoo or any number of sources is another day of fun emails. Here are some that keep coming up everyday.

I can predict whats in my inbox like a weather person can predict sunshine in Los Angeles.

? I’ve heard about the ex who stomped on somebody’s heart four times.
? I’ve heard about the man who promised a woman everything and then stopped calling her.
? I’ve heard about the woman who had great sexual chemistry with a guy, and then all of a sudden one day he stops calling.
? I’ve heard about the amazing first date after which someone found the person with whom they would spend the rest of their lives, and now they are wondering why the other person never called.
? I’ve heard about the girl you met at a nightclub with whom you shared a heavy makeout session, only to have her not return any of your calls.
? I’ve heard about the person you met at a party to whom you spent the entire night talking and with whom you felt you totally connected, only to have that person never call you.
? I’ve heard about the person you dated for two weeks and everything seemed perfect, and then they just disappeared without a word.
? I’ve heard about the person you meet on vacation with whom you spend every day and who promises to continue the fire burning after the trip, and then it just fizzles out.

I have the same solution to each and every one of these scenarios: Let it go!

Every minute you spend pining over somebody trying to figure out either what they are thinking or why they did this to you, is another day wasted when you can’t be meeting somebody new. Here’s the cold hard truth: most relationships end until you find the right relationship.

Most first dates never become second dates. Most people will never come clean with you about why they didn’t want to see you again. You will never know the truth . . . and it really doesn’t matter. The truth is it just didn’t work out.

Stop taking every little encounter and every person you date so personally. Most of the time when someone stops calling you, it’s not about you! Stop playing the victim.

You’ve done it to people as well. Yes, it sucks when someone does it to you, but we all do it. It’s the harsh reality of dating. Some things work and some things don’t, but you keep going until you find the one that sticks.

You’ve got to stop harassing all your friends and asking them what they think. We’re not mind readers. We will never know what that other person is thinking unless they tell us. If we were mind readers, we’d all be winning the lottery every day.

If we were a world full of mind readers, no one would need to talk to each other – we could just read each other’s minds. We could spend the entire day staring at each other. We would know just by looking at someone what they’re feeling, what they’re thinking, if they are attracted to us, and they like us as much as we like them.

Sounds fun, doesn’t it? It might be if we were living in a space-age movie. In the real world, though, there’s nothing fun about that.

Life is all about the unknown. Every day you spend pining after somebody who no longer wants you (no matter the reason), is another day wasted when you could be out meeting new people. So stop pining away and start smiling away.

Todays video is part two of learning how to master the art of talking naughty to women.