How many times have you been in a relationship where you’re struggling to get somebody to understand you?

You’re trying get them to know you and understand you and see things your way, but they never ever want to take responsibility, admit they’re wrong, or even try to understand where you’re coming from. I call somebody like that Teflon Sally or Teflon Larry.

You’re with somebody who doesn’t take any responsibility for anything that goes on in the relationship. I’ve dated people like that where I’ve come to them and tried to have an open, frank conversation, and everything I say bounces off of them back to me, rephrased in a way to put all the blame back on me.

It’s almost like you’re dating a perpetual kid that says, “You know I don’t like you.”

Then the little kid says, “I’m rubber, you’re glue. Everything you say bounces off of me and sticks to you.”

They Just Like to Argue

You’re dating somebody or you’re with somebody who does not listen. They don’t know how to listen. They’re constantly looking to argue, fight, or contradict you in any way possible. I’ve been with people like that, and they drive me fucking nuts.

I’ve been in a relationship with that type of woman. If I said blue, she would say black.

If I told her something was bugging me, she would tell me that something was bugging her even more.

If I told her I didn’t feel well, instead of having compassion, she would say she didn’t feel well.

Every conversation went in this direction until I finally decided I was going to take control of my life, and I was going to leave Teflon Sally.

Only You Can Control Your Life

You can’t have a relationship with Teflon Sally or Teflon Larry. It’s absolutely impossible because they will continue to refuse to take responsibility for anything that goes on in their life.

They’re blaming others, and in their story, you’re always going to play the villain. They’re always going to be the victim in the story, and you are always going to be the villain.

So today’s video is all about how you can take control of you life so you’re no longer affected by Teflon Larry or Teflon Sally. It’s an important video to watch because I think everybody needs to know this. You can’t change somebody; people can only change themselves.

You can’t control anyone, but it’s up to you how you react.

All you can do is listen to somebody, accept who they are, and allow them to show up in your life exactly how they are. The rest is up to you.