You know, it’s funny. I’ve been known to criticize and make fun of certain elements of the PUA community, but I’ve really been “on my best behavior” lately and haven’t said much of anything in a while about them.

So I’m sitting with a friend outside of Whole Foods in Venice Beach recently, just taking a break from life, and we started talking about these so-called “Natural Game” guys. Really, we were talking about how interesting it is that they call it “natural game” in the first place.

We talked about how telling it is that they call it “natural game,” because there is no game about being natural. As most of you know, I’ve spent the last eleven years teaching guys not to use all the “pickup” crap. I have always been about teaching people how to be naturally comfortable and to create natural attraction through their own authentic self-confidence.

I never called what I teach “natural game” because what I teach is not a game. The fact is that all these copycat David Wygant’s running around teaching what they claim is a “new thing” called “natural game,” are mostly young boys in their early 20’s trying to be dating gurus. All they’re really doing is calling what they were already teaching by a different name – “natural game.”

The bottom line, guys, is that it’s not a game. Being able to totally, comfortably and confidently meet and connect with women at the deepest level is not a game.

This is my open letter to all the guys. It’s not a game, it’s life. Life is all about real confidence. Life is all about understanding who you are as a person, developing your strengths, and accepting (then working on) your weaknesses.

So life is not about playing a “game” whether you call it “natural game” or anything else. Think about it this way: If “natural game” truly was natural, then it would not still involve men using silly nicknames instead of being who they really are. That’s my take on it . . . so comment away!