live your dreamsToday, I want to talk to you about the importance of “getting started.”

I was working out the other day with my trainer at the gym. There were these two women next to us. They were both probably in their mid-50’s. Really nice, sweet women. They weren’t in the best shape, but at least they were there at the gym doing something about it.

The trainer was stretching them hard, and one of them says, “Wow, that hurt! I skipped a day and I can feel it!”

I looked at her and said. “You skipped decades. That was the 80’s and the 90’s.”

They both started laughing. “You’re absolutely right.” They said. “We all skip so many decades that all of this hurts every day.”

I said to them, “It doesn’t matter when you start, as long as you start.”

No matter what we do, there are things in our lives that we’ve literally skipped decades. I always have older guys on my boot camps that say, “If only I did this 20 years ago.”

Another guy will say, “If only I did this 5 years ago my life would have been so different.”

It’s like that with everything. There’s always part of our life we just don’t spend enough time on, whether it’s working out, becoming more social, working on an entrepreneurial venture. It doesn’t matter. There are always things we wish we did earlier in our life. Then pay the price when we eventually start later.

Working out is a tough thing. The older you get the more inflexible your body gets, and the achier your muscles are. The heavier you are, the more your metabolism changes, and the harder it is to lose the weight you want. Your mobility isn’t nearly as good as it used to be, so there’s always an uphill battle when you start working out later in life. But that doesn’t matter.

Forget the decades you missed. You already missed them. The time you’ve missed. The workouts you didn’t do, you already didn’t do them. You can’t go back in time.

It’s Never Too Late To Start Living The Life of Your Dreams

If you didn’t work on your social life in your 20s, if you were too busy working on a career, you can’t go back in time. You can never go back in time. Life doesn’t work that way.

At least you’re starting now, If you’re a 45 year old woman, and you’re starting now, and you’re going out and meeting men then at least you’re out there with a chance of meeting someone. You’re never going to get your 20s back. You have to realize and accept you’re doing it now.

Sure when you start things later in life, it’s more difficult. That’s why they always suggest little kids to learn two languages early in life. My brother has it right.

Every year they take Nicolas, my two and a half year old nephew to Slovakia. His Mom speaks Slovakian to him there and during the daytime. His English is not great. His Slovakian is probably better than his English right now. But he’s learning two languages and he’s going to be bilingual from basically the time he was born. It’s going to be easier for him. Try to learn a language when you get older and it’s a lot more difficult.

Everything becomes more of a challenge when you get older. That’s why adults are constantly quitting. That’s why you get frustrated. You can never make up for the lost decade.

You need to realize that you are doing it now and that is what’s important: Getting it done now. Experiencing it now. Living in the now. There’s going to be challenges just like the two women had in the gym today. You just have to plow through them. When I left the gym I ran into the two women.

I caught up with them and said, “At least you’re doing it now. Congratulate yourself every single day.” So many people look at the time they’ve lost and don’t bother starting because they think it’s too late.

I live by the mantra “It’s never too late” and you should too. Deal with the day-to-day setbacks, the challenges, the muscles aching, the brain not being able to get the words out, whatever it might be. Realize that at least you started now, and that’s the key to life…doing it now.

You can make up for lost time, and now is all we have!