Over the last few weeks I’ve had a lot of women over at my house.

Alright, get your mind out of the gutter: this had nothing to do with my sex life.

What I’ve been doing is interviewing women.

That’s right. Women that live in Los Angeles have been coming over to my house in the last couple of weeks.

I’ve had them come over and I’ve been doing focus groups.

See, I am creating a whole new line of women’s products and they’re going to be amazing. So I’ve had women come over—six, seven, eight at a time—and we’ve conducted mini-seminars on the inner workings of a man’s mind.

It’s an open Q&A with me and a free seminar for women.

And the things that I’ve realized and learned have been amazing.

You women just don’t do enough to really understand men.

So many of you are still waiting for that magic moment to happen. You know, that Disney Snow White moment where a man approaches you and he’s your Prince Charming.

Or that romantic comedy moment where the man knows exactly what you’re thinking, says it, talks to you and all of a sudden you know you’re with the one.

A lot of you don’t even understand just how simple it is to really attract men by allowing your sexual energy to come out. So many of you have felt that by allowing sexual energy to come out, you’re taking the masculine role or being to aggressive.

But, what you fail to realize is that most men are not that deeply evolved.

We’re just wondering why today, out of all days, a woman is actually being friendly and nice.

We’ve had amazing focus groups and the products that are coming down the road over the next couple of months are going to be products that I am really proud of.

These are products that really allow you to get inside the mind of a man and understand exactly what a man is thinking.

And most importantly, these products will unleash get you out of your head, out of the stereotypes, out of what society expects of you and more into your heart space so you’re able to go and meet men.

You’ll have the skills to meet men, and the confidence to do so without worrying so much about the relationship outcome or whatever any outcome you may have.

So if any of you live in Los Angeles and would like to participate in one of these groups, e-mail me and we will set it up.

You could bring your friends. I’ll supply the wine and the information and it’s usually an amazing free-for-all about what men think.

Call it a free seminar with David Wygant.

I’m looking forward to either seeing you at my place over the next couple of weeks or just seeing you on the blog or in a newsletter.