relationship revelationsDo you know what makes me laugh about dating?

The number of, “I have something to tell you” conversations people have. You meet someone. You go on a date. You’re on your best behavior. You decide you want to see each other again. You have a quick little peck on the cheek. Maybe if it’s a rare occasion, you end up sleeping with them, but you still don’t really know this guy. Then gradually from the second date, they start to open up a little.

They start to tell you some of their deepest, darkest, secrets. It could be something as simple as they’re still living with their parents, or that they’re broke and they own someone a ton of money. Or it could be something far more serious, like they’re an alcoholic, and or that they’re still married. You get the drift. No matter who you date, there always seems to be a, “I’ve got something to tell you” conversation.

“Honey, We Need To Talk!”

It’s a fun conversation if you think about it. Most people are terrified of having the “I’ve got something to tell you” conversation, because it’s the make or break moment in the very short-lived relationship you’ve fantasized you’re having with this person. What they’re going to tell you is either going to kill the relationship off instantly, or at least make you think twice about whether the person is who they thought you were.

The thing is, you need to have this conversation. Dating is all about uncovering the magic, “I’ve got something to tell you” moments with your partner. As each layer of the onion is peeled back, you’re going to find out something else about that person that may or may not sit right with you. Every single day you’re going to learn something new about this person. And they’re going to be far more afraid of having the conversation with you, because they’re terrified that after you’ve had it, you won’t want to be with them anymore.

I mean, what’s the worst thing you can hear?

They murdered someone?

That would be a very powerful “I’ve got something to tell you” moment. Or they had a website where people paid them to get naked or something. That would also be a colorful “I’ve got something to tell you moment.”

Today, I think it would be amazing to explore our “I’ve got something to tell you” moments. I’d like you to post below your most shocking “I’ve got something to tell you” revelations. What’s the most dramatic thing someone revealed to you, and did it affect the relationship?  I bet there are some real doozies out there, and this is a great topic so let’s see if we can keep it on subject today. This could be a great discussion!