Dear David WygantIt’s Dear David time again!

And today we have an email from Josh who “just doesn’t understand women!”

I feel kind of sorry for Josh because he’s obviously hung up on this woman, and he’s about to learn a harsh lesson about game players and dating. Here’s his email to me, followed by my response, and of course feel free to throw in your two cents in the comments below!

“Dear David,

I just don’t understand women. Well, this one woman in particular. We started “dating” about a month ago. Things have been going OK. We get on well. We have a laugh, and the sex is good. The thing is I just feel like she’s leading me on.

There are days where I’ll text her in the morning and won’t get anything back until the evening. One day last week I didn’t hear from her all day, and her phone kept going to voicemail. The next day she said she’d fallen asleep.

We were meant to be going out at the weekend but she said she was ill and couldn’t come out, but later that night there were photos of her at a friend’s house having drinks. The worst thing happened earlier this week. I rang her house and her friend picked up. When I asked to talk to my girlfriend, I clearly heard her whispering in the background that she wasn’t in.

I went round and confronted her about it, and when I said if she carried on messing around I was going to end it, she begged me to stay, told me she loved me and then we had sex. What is going on? Is she playing games with me? Should I leave her? Are all women this hard to understand?”

David says…

Josh my friend. You’re not the first guy who doesn’t understand women, and you will definitely not be the last, HOWEVER, in my opinion there’s nothing confusing about what’s happening here.

You’re “dating” a woman who plays dating games. OK, when she didn’t return your calls, maybe she did fall asleep. But saying she was ill and then going out with friends, and then pretending she wasn’t in when she was?

If you’re 100% sure you heard correctly and it was her saying she wasn’t at home, then there’s only one thing you need to do. Get rid of her!

I don’t care how much you think you love her. I don’t care how good-looking she is. And I don’t care how much amazing sex you have. You see, Josh if you stay with a woman like this it’s only ever going to end up one way. She’s going to string you along forever, and probably see other men at the same time but you’ll put up with it. Or you’re going to fail miserably trying to get her to calm down and play by the rules.

Some women play games, the same way as some men play games. It sounds like this girl is totally immature and not ready for an adult relationship. Don’t let women mess you around Josh. Stand your ground and be strong. You’re a man. You deserve better. You’re reading David Wygant’s advice here, and David Wygant coaches guys to be strong, confident, magnetic, and dynamic men who demand the best for themselves.

Don’t let a woman turn you into a passive little man-boy. It’s never worth it. If you don’t have a copy of my “Own The Room” program I strongly suggest you give it a look. It’s all about becoming a strong, confident communicator, and the kind of man who commands authority in not just your personal relationships, but business relationships too!

And don’t worry. Sure, it can seem hard to understand women sometimes, but really men and women want exactly the same thing. We all want love and connection. That said, women (in general) do have some very common interests, which you can check out in this light-hearted video below!

Good luck my man!