how to text menFace it.

We live in a world where texting is the most common way to communicate. The problem is, a lot of texts get misinterpreted. I think we need to have a new way to ‘speak text.’

To be clear, understood. No more misunderstandings via text. First off, the basic rule of texting:  Make sure you understand everything. Whenever a joke is made, I suggest a smiley face, or an emoticon with a smile on it. I know this sounds basic, but I have dissected thousands of text conversations between people and I see misinterpretations non-stop.

When in doubt, put a smiley face on it. When you want to make a joke or are kidding about something. A lot of women will hit exclamation points when they think something is funny. To me, exclamation points have anger in them. It’s putting your point across.  For instance:

Today is so beautiful!!!

Yes, hello.  Today is absolutely beautiful.  You could also write: “Today is beautiful” (warm and fuzzy).

Say for instance, you’re texting with somebody, and it’s going back and forth. All of a sudden you say, “You so drive me crazy!” Even though you’re joking about it, you put an exclamation point.  That has anger to it.

You so drive me crazy!”  It sounds angry.  The exclamation point goes ughh.

With a smiley face, everything feels better. “You so drive me crazy.” That’s warm and fuzzy.

Think about how you feel. Smiley faces make somebody feel warm, fuzzy, safe, secure, amazing. Exclamation points are to make a point.  It’s like you’re yelling and screaming. When you’re writing a text, think about how you would say it when you’re speaking. Would you smile, how do you feel?  Add any emoticon. There’s an app called “Emoticon.”

Start using it. If someone sends you a text, that says, “How about dinner at 5:00?

Thumbs up, yes, excited about it.  

Using emoticons, using exclamations and smiley faces will help your intentions in a conversation become clear. Not misinterpreted. As you know, nobody likes text fight. I’ve been in relationships where I’ve had so much text fighting that if the phone company read it, they would think these two people hated each other. The fact is, we’re never going to get out of texting.

What I like about texting is it lets you connect with somebody immediately. To get something out, to have a conversation. A little conversation in the middle of the day without picking up the phone, if you know the other person is busy.

When it comes to dating, try to avoid the misinterpretations. Start being clear. The more you are clear, you’ll be able to connect better. Your relationships will be better, dating and flirting will be better, and everything will be easier.