For those of you who can think of anything but football today here is a great Sunday night idea!

This is an actual conversation I had with a client at a recent bootcamp.

For those of you who are football fanatics here are my Super Bowl picks.

San Diego and Dallas.

Surprise team this year will be the Arizona Cardinals in the NFC and the Jets in the AFC.

Lets now talk seduction!

Client: If you’re into a woman and you want to sleep with her, how do you bring that about? How do you signal to a woman that you want to get intimate without getting into her personal space or pushing yourself on her? How do you it naturally?

David: It will always be natural if you connect with her. Once again, you don’t need to actually talk about sex; what you need to do is go out and get to know her. For women, foreplay starts in the mind. There is no need to ever bring up the subject of sex.

So you’re out on a date with her, and you have connected with her as a person. You go out, you have fun, you talk, you share stories and interests, and you get excited when she says something.

You both have great eye contact the whole night – you never break that eye contact. You lean in and lead with your body language (like we talked about earlier.) You lean in like this when she’s talking, you put your hand on table, and she puts her hand up there too. You cross a little bit so that both hands are on the table. If you’re leading, then your body language is always leading hers at all times.

So by the end of the date you know that you’ve connected – you’ve talked to each other a lot, you’ve smiled all night. At this point you want to avoid doing the typical cliché guy-thing: don’t try to seal the night with a kiss. So many guys rush into the kiss.

Instead, I would drive her home and sit with her in my car. I’ll talk a little bit, and I know that if she lingers in the car – if she’s still talking with you while the car is running and you’re sitting in the driveway – she’s interested in kissing me. If she’s lingering in the car, you can assume that she’s wondering what it is like to kiss you.

So then I would say, “alright, I’ve got to get home and go to sleep. Come over here,” and she’ll move over. I’ll go in for the kiss, but I won’t do like massive lizard tongue or anything. I’ll just go in with big, soft lips. No tongue at first, just soft lips.

Second pass – more soft lips, no tongue. And then on the third pass through, I’ll slip my tongue in ever so gently, and I’ll feel her tongue for the very first time. I’ll give her this very soft little kiss, and I’ll hold her face – women love to have their faces held – or hold her behind the neck.

After that, I’ll give her a few more little kisses and then I will look at her. And you’ll know if it was a good kiss – you’ll be dizzy from a good kiss. You won’t get dizzy from a shitty kiss.

So if it was a good kiss, you can look at her and say, “oh man, that was a great kiss.” Women love kissing. The biggest complaint from women is that most guys don’t like kissing. You can then look at her and say, “alright, get out,” and send her out of the car.

The next thing to do is bring her back to that moment. The next day you can text her and say something like, “man, that was such a dizzying kiss,” or “that was such a great kiss the other night, I’m looking forward to the next one,” or whatever – something cute.

She’s already thinking about it, and you brought her back to that moment. She’s thinking about you.

And the next time you go out? It’s the same thing. You go out and you connect with her. You don’t talk about sex or say anything like, “let’s go back to my house,” or “let’s go do it,” or something stupid like that. You just have to connect with her again.

At the end of the night, you look at her and say, “come here and give me another one of those dizzy kisses again,” and you kiss her. You’ll start hearing her breathe a little bit heavier. She might moan or sigh a little bit.

You can then look at her and say, “go. I’m not going to trust myself if you stay in my car any longer,” and you send her out. Dismiss her one more time.

Now that you’ve dismissed her twice, she will start to boil a little bit – you’re not like every other guy. Every other guy gropes her the minute they get the chance. Other guys are literally grinding in their seats like this trying to get laid. You’re not doing that at all.

On the third date, you invite her over to your house for a barbeque or to watch a movie or something. You might be hanging out on the couch, and make sure that during the entire movie you’re actually watching the film.

You could rub the back of her hair a little bit, touch her hand and play with her hand a little bit. You might touch the back of her shoulders a little bit. You just spend the movie playing with her a bit. You’re not kissing her.

You might whisper something into her ear like, “that was a funny scene,” or “this is my favorite part,” if you’ve seen it before. Always whisper into her ear – this builds intimacy. If you think about it, during sex, women like to be talked to. They like it when you whisper, “honey this feels great, you feel wonderful, you look beautiful.” In this way, you’re doing the same exact thing, but you’re not telling her that.

So after the two hours of the movie, the sexual tension has been building. At the end of the film, you look at her and say, “alright, give me your feet, I want to give you a little rubdown,” and give her a little foot massage – women love foot massages.

Move up to her ankles a bit and give her more of a massage. Alternatively, you can give her a foot massage during the movie, and then it will be her turn and she’ll massage your feet.

After the movie you look into her eyes, give her a couple of little kisses, and at that point: she’ll attack you. You’ve been slowly seducing her, which is every woman’s dream.

Client: Yeah, that totally makes sense. I can really see that.

David: And what happens next? You’re in the bedroom, having great sex because it was her idea. When you make sex her idea, it is amazing. When you force sex on her, it’s rape. She’ll never like it. And she’s had versions of that so many times before. She has been out before with guys who have had to sell the idea to her – “come on, you know you want me, come up to my house!”

No – you have to act like you had sex with the most beautiful woman in the world just last night. Even if you haven’t slept with anyone in six months, you still have to act like you’ve had sex recently and aren’t desperate.

You have to have patience with it. If you have patience, she will give her body to yours freely. And that’s what you really want. You don’t want it to be forced. If she gives it up freely, it is amazing sex.