Before you read this make sure you let her pick her out. What am I talking about and why is it so important to have her pick the one she wants.

You’ve been dreaming of this night for most of your adult life. It seems like it’s every man’s ultimate sexual fantasy: meeting the woman cool enough to want to invite a friend over for a three-way.

You’ve heard rumors about the three-way. You’ve had friends who have experienced it, and they all tell you it’s like living your own private porn.

What people fail to talk about when it comes to a three-way, however, is the emotional repercussions that occur the day after a three-way. Welcome to a really tough time in your adult adolescence.

In order to make a three-way successful and make it work, you need to realize that this “ultimate male fantasy” has to be only about her. Let’s say your girlfriend comes to you and says, “I really want to do this because I think it will really turn me on to see you and I with my best friend.”

In that situation, you need to ask her some questions and talk to her more about it before you even consider doing it. You need to talk to her ahead of time about what the parameters will be, because if you overstep certain boundaries she has you might ruin the relationship (not only with her but also between her and her friend).

A three-way always sounds good ‘on paper.’ Three-ways in fantasy land are always amazing.

Three-ways in the real world are very emotionally confusing, especially if you get so turned on that can’t keep your hands off the friend (and end up ignoring your girlfriend). That does happen.

It happens because as men, we are wired to always want the new. Take a man to a car dealership for two hours, and watch him test-drive four different cars for two straight hours. The man will leave with a car. Why? Because we always want bigger, better and more fun.

Put a hot woman that your girlfriend brings over in front of you, and no matter what the boundaries are — whether it’s no penetration or not — and you are going to spend more time on the friend (because she is the “new one”). You’ve already had the old one plenty of times. That toy is getting old for you now.

A three-way is a male fantasy, but be sure to realize that it has to be all about her and be done according to her rules and parameters. So whatever your girlfriend says, you need to respect.

It’s fun to have a wild and crazy woman in bed. It’s a lot of fun to be with a woman who likes a lot of sexual exploration. You don’t want to ruin that just because you think the three-way is supposed to be a certain way.

Allow it to be however it’s going to be, and remember one thing which is the most important advice I can give you: Make it about her and her pleasure, and it’s amazing how far you can stretch those boundaries.