Most guys are a slave to their dick. Here’s the theory behind this, and how you can detach yourself from your dick. When you detach yourself from your dick, women really want your dick.

It’s the funniest thing in the entire world. You know how you crave the most incredible sex in the entire world, you really love great sex, and you pray you will find a girl who loves and enjoys playing with your dick? The problem is that you’re so into your dick, that women don’t want to suck or play with your dick. But if you’re a really powerful man who engages everybody around him, women want to have fun with your dick.

Women love pleasing powerful men’s dicks. They really do. The more powerful you are, the better head you’re going to get from a woman because she wants to please you. You also have to be a good lover and be willing and good at orally pleasing her.

It’s not just about being powerful either. You have to exude charisma and power. Look at the way Bill Clinton works a room and the way he stands in a room. He has a very powerful presence.

It’s about having a powerful presence. Its about being able to control your energy. Bill Clinton studied all the greats. He watched Kennedy. He watched all the great leaders. He picked up all the great tips. This guy comes from a trailer park in Hope, Arkansas. He didn’t just get these skills overnight. He formed them over years and years of studying very powerful people. He’s a very deep man. He’s read a lot of books, including those by very powerful leaders like Marcus Aurelius and those by great philosophers. He learned how to have control over his power and his energy, and to make it work for him (and not against him).

Most guys make their power and energy work against them. They are slaves to their dicks. They are slaves to a lot of things. That’s a shame. That’s something we talked about in “Always Talk to Strangers.” When you are a slave to your own dick, you walk into a place (whether it’s a coffee shop, a store, or your classroom), and it’s like having a giant flashing neon sign on your forehead that’s flashing “Desperate! Desperate! Desperate!”

Most women, even if they’re horny themselves, do not want to f&^* a man with a sign on his forehead that’s flashing the word “Desperate!” They want a guy who is confident and owns his energy, even if the girl is desperate herself and hasn’t had sex in a year. Even when a girl hasn’t had sex in a year, she doesn’t want a guy who is desperate and who is a slave to his dick, because this is the type of guy who will tend to look at a woman like a piece of steak on a grill. This type of guy objectifies her . . . and she can see it.

The other day I was watching these two guys walk down the street near me, and there was this beautiful woman walking toward us. They didn’t talk to her because they’re slaves to their dicks, which means they objectified her. So the minute the woman walked by us, they both turned their head and checked out her ass . . . which objectified her even more.

The fact is they’ll never sleep with a woman like that, because they don’t know how to connect with her. So occasionally they’ll either (a) jerk off to a woman like that, or they’ll get some Internet porn, or they’ll get themselves a craigslist hooker, or (b) maybe they’ll do nothing and remain totally frustrated.

This is because their dick is controlling them. Their dick is telling them to remain frustrated. Their dick is telling them “You know what? You can’t get someone. I just want to get laid. I want to feel her. I want to touch her. I want to f$&# her.” This is just not the way it works, because beautiful women don’t want to feel that energy.

Remember that when I talk about “beautiful women,” that a beautiful woman is whatever is in your eyes. I have different tastes. My friends have different tastes. I may not date or think the women you’re dating are hot. It doesn’t really make a difference. It’s not me.

That’s another way that men think with their dick too, because they’re always trying to impress their friends. “Wow! Wasn’t she hot? Wasn’t she amazing? Check her out!” Men want “the trophy.” It’s like Candy Land, they want the piece of candy. They want the trophy so badly, and the fact is you don’t need to objectify her, brag to your friends, and prove yourself.

The only thing you need to do is stop thinking with your dick! That’s your dick telling your friends “Hey, my dick’s going to get involved with her. My dick is going to f^&# her tonight . My dick’s going to get in some good pussy.” Women just get turned off by that! They’ve seen it. They’ve smelled you. And they don’t want to be around that anymore. Stop thinking with your dick!

Having this mindset of thinking with your dick is also bad for you. It’s bad for your soul. For those of you who don’t know what I mean by objectification, it’s something that our society does all day, every day. It’s in magazines and on television. Men objectify women and women objectify men (although men do it more to women). It’s in the advertising culture and on television.

It’s everywhere, and it permeates every aspect of society to the point where we’ve dehumanized people. We only look at them for their body parts or what they have to offer us in a physical sense. It’s totally fragmented, and doesn’t look at the whole person.

We need to continually remind ourselves to look at people as the whole person , and not just as an object or a fragmented person who’s simply there for you to blow a load on. You can’t do that. It’s a major mistake. It’s understandable in our society and with the way things are set up, but you have to break away from that.

Be different! Be an individual. Be independent and think differently than the average slave out there. Remember and remind yourself that you’re talking to a human being, and that human being has feelings, pressure points, and interests. You can relate to that person. This is not a piece of meat. Always remind yourself of that.

You know, women are not pieces of meat. They are wonderful, beautiful beings with whom to connect. If you don’t think this way, then my teachings are not for you. Plain and simple. I’ve got no issues.

There are guys and teachers out there who will teach you to objectify women. “Here’s how you can f&$# this piece of meat and throw her in the garbage the next day. Here’s how you can season her with your bullshit, throw her on the grill, eat her, f&#^ her, and then make her feel like an idiot the very next day.” Sure, there are guys who can teach you that. But that’s not what I’m all about.

I am about teaching you how to have the greatest sex and to connect with women. When you have that zen power, you’re going to have the greatest sex in the world and your mind is going to be controlling it (not your dick).

Once again, I have no issues if you listen to this stuff and it doesn’t resonate with you. You don’t have to download my stuff anymore, listen to my podcasts any more, or read my blog anymore. I don’t care, because I know there is a large percentage of men out there who definitely want to go and elevate their being to the next level and be able to experience how amazing it is to be able to connect with women.

There are the group of guys out there who act like a bunch of predators – all they want to do is have sex with a woman, get off, and not give a shit what she thinks. Hey man, if that’s you … that’s cool. But if so, then what I’m talking to you about right now might as well be Svengali . . . because you don’t know what I’m saying.

You have no clue what I’m saying, and it’s perfectly okay. If you and I hung out and you’re one of these guys who objectify women so much, and you don’t want to get deep with them and understand really how to connect with them on a higher level, we’re going to go to a party and you’re going to think I’m some California asshole who’s talking out of his ass to women about spirituality. It’s not going to resonate with you at all, and that’s cool.

If, however, you’re in the majority of men out there who after hearing this are saying “Man, I get it! I want to live this life. I’ve never lived this life, and I’m willing to try to live this life” . . . then you’re ready to evolve and move on to the next step and up to the next level.

You’re willing to go put your dick in your pants, let your mind connect with a woman, and realize that she is going to pull your dick out of your pants. You’re not going to pull your dick out of your pants anymore.

The guys who objectify women walk around all night with their dick in their hands hoping someone is going to stroke it When these guys go home at night, their dick still it’s still in their hands . . . and you know exactly what I’m talking about. So don’t be one of these guys and don’t be a slave to your dick!

One last zinger. Ask any woman what type of man she would prefer and you will see that the language of love is what I have right here on this site.