Are you one of those people who really loves to share? You love sharing with people. You really enjoy giving people all the things that matter most to you.

Are you also somebody who loves to share things that other people give to you? Like if somebody else gives you a gift, you’re more than willing to share it with everybody you know and love. And the greatest thing about you is that you don’t even tell anybody that it was a gift from someone else, you make it just seem so innocent.

What exactly I’m talking about here? Let’s put this in black and white. I’m going to put it out there in a way that’s going to open up your ears.

So…are you one of those scumbag guys who has herpes and passes it onto other people without even telling them?

That’s right, scumbags. And if you’re a woman who does it, you’re equally a scumbag. You’re a sleaze, you’re a bitch. Harsh words, I know, but it’s the way I feel about that.

I know a few people who are single with herpes. They don’t tell the people they sleep with that they have herpes, yet they go out, meet other single people, and have unprotected sex and sleep around when they feel like it.

What’s going on with this? The attitude is that it’s not a life and death matter, so you can still go around just like anyone else and do whatever you want. The attitude is if you got herpes, you may as well pass it along to somebody else because whoever you got it from never told you ahead of time? Is that how life works for you?

Sounds fair, doesn’t it? If you talk to somebody openly about their herpes, they’ll say, “Well I got it, and I don’t have to announce it to the world, so what does it matter if I pass it along to somebody else?” That’s that attitude that people have.

To me it’s sleazy. It’s scummy. It’s dirty. Look, if you have a disease, you have to deal with it, you have to come clean no matter how embarrassing you think it is, no matter how many opportunities at sex you’re passing up. Tell your partner about it. Let them bag it. Let them protect themselves. Let them make a choice.

Chances are you’re not going to be with them for a long period of time anyway, so why do they need a constant reminder from you for the rest of their lives?

I find people who have herpes and sleep around without telling the people they’re with are the lowest form of low. Scumbags, dirtbags, douche bags, whatever you want to call them. I’ve got no tolerance and no patience for them. And if they ever looked at me face to face and told me that they do that, I would call them this exactly, just as I called them right now in the blog. A douchebag, scumbag, low-life.

You got a disease? Let your partner know. Give people an opportunity to protect themselves and make a choice. Let them know that they’re taking a risk. Stop being so damn selfish just because you want to get off and have sex. There’s plenty of people who have herpes that you can sleep with.

Don’t hurt someone who was unsuspecting and trusted you. The world gets screwed up when people do things like that. That’s how people lose trust and lose their ability to open up, from people like you, who give herpes to others.