How does a woman make the first move on a date?  making the move on a first date women

Well, it’s different, because I know you want the man to go in for the kiss.  You want the man to build up the sexual tension.  But we’re equal drivers of a relationship, so you too can make some first moves that will absolutely make him do the things that you want.

You see, men are always looking for validation and confirmation.  It’s really how we operate.

I don’t know a single man that doesn’t like validation and confirmation from a woman.  It’s really, and I hate to say this —

It’s your job.  Praise makes us feel great.  We got it from our moms, we lacked it from our dads.  It’s the little boy needing the praise from the mother — from the woman in his life.

He doesn’t want you to be his mother.

So that praise is very, very important to him, so he’s looking for it on the first date.  As he shares his stories, he’s looking for some type of validation.  He tells you about his career.  He’s looking for some kind of validation.  Everything is about validation to him.  The more you validate him, the better he feels about himself.  When he feels really great about himself, and he feels great in your presence, he in turn is going to pursue you.  It’s all about how we make the first move based on the words that you say and the validation you give back.

But there’s other steps to that as well.

When you’re out on a date with a man just glancing, touching, looking, and smiling, laughing at his jokes, that gives him the validation he needs.  These are all first moves that a woman can do very well, so a man then takes on the role of a man.

You see, we’re so primal, we want to be congratulated when we get home at the end of the day.  We want to know we can slay the dragon.  We want to basically take care of you.  You want us to be the man.  We want you to be the feminine energy.  It all starts on the first date.

That is how you make the first move with a man on a date.