I know there are some days that just suck.

There are some weeks that kind of suck.

I’ve talked to people this year whose businesses are down 60% from last year. When you ask them about 2016, they think 2016 sucks.

So, when you’re going through a rough time in life which happens to come about on a regular basis, how do you remain abundant?

Well, there’s one great lesson. And what is that lesson? Look at the history of you.

Think about it. So you’re having an unabundant day, you’re having an unabundant month. You may even have a year where business just doesn’t work and you’ve got to dip into savings or whatever it might be, and it’s just an unabundant year.

Look at the history of you. Have you had many years like this? Have you had many days like this? Many months like this? The answer is probably no. If you’ve been practicing abundance in your life on a daily basis, what happens is you’re just having a moment in time.

Think about it. The year you’re having might be a year based on lots of circumstance, so does it mean you’re going to live an unabundant life for the remainder of your life? Absolutely not. It just might have been things that might have affected it, an election, the economy might have gone a different direction, your brand might have gotten a little old.

The people who work for you might have really sucked more than you even realized.

You might have lost some passion. You might have lost your abundant mindset and you didn’t realize it, you might have lost it in February and all of a sudden, come October the universe just keeps seeing you beat yourself up and having an unabundant mindset.

So you have to look at the whole picture. What is the whole picture? Look at your life. If you practice abundance for the majority of your life, you’re just having a moment in time. The quicker you can realize this, the less of a disaster it’s going to be. Meaning, if you have a shitty business month, take it as if you have a shitty business month, and don’t start thinking that this is going to be the way things are going to be for the year.

Because if you think about that, you bring about that. If all of a sudden you say to yourself, well, if this month is bad, I wonder how bad next month is going to be and blah-blah-blah, you’re creating and telling the universe that you don’t believe in the abundant life that you believe in. So look at it as a moment in time and that’s it.

The quicker you can nip that mindset, the faster you’re going to start communicating abundance back. We all have down days, we all have down months, we all have years that are tougher than other years. It’s just a moment in time, and that’s all it is. Whether it’s a day, a month, or a year, it’s just a moment in time.

All it is is a blip on your radar. One of the best things to do is put your lifeline up against the wall and literally for every year make each year 12 inches in length.

So if you’re 30 years old, you do 30 times 12.

If you look at that, and you look at a wall, and you look at your life, and you look at that moment in time where you’re having an unabundant moment compared to everything else, isn’t it just a small moment on that ruler of life? Do it that way and you’ll start changing your mindset.