A post on women and their “rules” by David Wygant

What’s up with “women rules?” Recently I was looking at some online profiles of women, and they had all these rules and regulations. Now, I’m not saying men don’t have rules and regulations either, so don’t get your panties in a knot too quickly. Women have rules though, and we’re going to talk about women rules today.

We’ll talk about man rules another time. I’m even going to tease you a little bit about the man rules discussion we’ll have down the line. One of the most famous and ridiculous man rules that men have, is that a woman must be in perfect shape even when a man is fat. So, that’s a ridiculous man rule. But we’re getting off track…

So what’s a ridiculous women rule? Women tend to expect too much. I was reading a woman’s profile tonight, in which she states as follows:

“The perfect first date must be a dinner that’s been planned out. I really love intimate restaurants. And the perfect second date is a continuation of the first date, where we go to another restaurant and we get to know each other more. And the third date is another restaurant, because I want to get to know them again in a neutral surrounding.”

This woman has a three restaurant rule? I mean that’s one of the craziest things I’ve seen online yet! I mean really…a three restaurant rule?! What happens if the guy says “Let’s go to the zoo” or “Let’s take our dogs for a walk.” You know, something spontaneous in the moment. But no, this woman has all these rules and regulations.

If you have rules and regulations in dating that are this rigid, you’re never going to be able to meet someone who is different and interesting because people have to play by your rules. And most people who have to play by other people’s rules, tend to be weak people. A woman like this that has all these rules, tends to be a rigid person. Rigid and weak don’t get along very well.

So, if you’re a rigid person online, and you have all these ridiculous rules that you write in your profile that you carry into real-world dating, you’d better start reevaluating things really quickly. Because if you do this, you’re not going to experience the fun of dating.

I don’t even enjoy dating as many people define it. I love to hang out and enjoy somebody in different situations. I like to invite someone along to things I enjoy, and in turn they can invite me along for stuff they enjoy. For instance, I recently had a first date – and it wasn’t even really a date because it was just kind of a hang out. I asked this woman to join me at an art gallery. So we walked around the gallery. I asked another woman to hang out with my dog and I.

It’s about being in the moment and being present. Because the whole point is to have a conversation with someone and to connect with them, without the rigid pressures of sitting in a restaurant, interviewing each other and swapping resumes.

So for those of you that are very rigid in your life, and very rigid with your rules – and you know who I’m talking about because if you’re reading this and it’s resonating with you or you’re listening to this and it’s resonating with you – what’s going to happen is that you’re going to realize that there’s a lot of life that you’re missing.

How about the women who get online and they’ll only date men who are between the ages of 36 and 38 . . . and they’re 36? To those women, I would ask “How did you come up with 38? Did you just add two and figure a two year maximum age difference was good? What if the guy is 41? How about if he’s 43?” And what if the 43 year old guy was great, and you’re totally attracted to him. Would you cut him off because of the age? Would you not date him because he is seven years older than you instead of two years older than you?

Think about what you might be missing by adhering to such rigid rules. Some women have very rigid rules, but so do men. We’ll talk about men’s rigid rules another day.