Inspiring faith in othersWe live in a guru culture nowadays. Everywhere you look and everywhere you go, there’s another guru online. It’s amazing how many people want to be gurus. It’s amazing how many people want to inspire faith in others. But the problem is, a lot of people are inspiring faith in others are doing it based on ego.

They want to be known for something. When I first started doing this business, the self-help/motivation business, it wasn’t my intent to tell you the truth. I just found it, it found me and it fit. It was very organic, the way things worked. I wasn’t looking for an ulterior motive. I was really looking to do this. It just happened to fit. People trusted me, people trusted my guidance and wisdom, and people allowed me to guide them and help them.

That’s what inspiring faith in others is all about. It’s not about you being validated and being the smartest person on the block. Those are your ego and your insecurities talking. To inspire faith in others means to truly give of yourself the most you can give to other people.

When I inspire faith in others, I’m doing so in order to do what? In order to make my life great. Because I enjoy making people feel great. Every single day I enjoy making somebody feel really amazing. Why? Because I inspired them. I’m not looking to get anything out of anybody else, not looking to get validated at all. I’m out to find that incredible connection with somebody else.

So how to inspire real faith? Talk with her heart, not with your head. Don’t look for validation. When you ask somebody how their day is, actually do it like you care. Like you’re asking your best friend, and you walk into a place and you ask somebody how their day is, do it with the warmth of your eyes, look directly at them, make them feel wonderful. That’s how you inspire faith.

When you talk to them, connect to them, touch them on their shoulder, touch them on their wrist, contact is great, you inspire faith and trust that way. And use your voice tonality as a caring voice. I literally talk to everybody like they’re a five year old with a booboo. Because I want people to leave feeling the best connection, that they possibly could have had with me. That’s how you inspire faith.