How to get people to trust and like youHow do you walk into a store and get someone to trust and like you instantly? How do you go in a business meeting and get someone to trust and like you instantly? How do you go on a date and get someone to trust and like you instantly?

How do you walk around life and get people to respond to you favorably, to trust you right away, to feel comfortable immediately in your presence? Well, this is the key to success in every aspect of life: get people to trust you right away. Because once you get someone to trust you right away, immediately the relationship, whether it’s five minutes, two minutes, or 40 years, will go in the direction it needs to go.

How do I get people to do this? It’s really simple. I relate to their world.

If I walk into a store and they’re listening to a certain type of music, I’ll comment on the music.

If I walk into a store and I like the things that they’ve done and I always say man, you guys are great at x, y, and z.

If someone is cooking something behind the counter. I look at them and go that smells amazing, what is in there?

I relate to their world. I relate to their world so they become instantly comfortable and trust me right away.

Why do I do this? Because it gets people’s defenses down. See, most people are defensive most of the time. Most people don’t trust people most of the time. So by doing this, it instantly opens up an energy between me and the person I’m corresponding with.

I do it all day long. I relate to their world. Usually through a compliment or comment.

I remember the first time I tried this out I got out of college and a friend of mine who interviewed before I did told me, relate to the person behind there. Relate to their world and you’ll get hired for the job. So I did. I went on one job interview and got hired right away, because the second I walked in there, the man was there were pictures of him playing golf and with a golden retriever.

Well, I happened to have grown up with golden retrievers. I mean, I love that type of dog. So the minute I walked in there, I looked at the pictures and said, what do you shoot? What’s your handicap? Relating to his world. We talked about golf, which I don’t really give a fuck about. But, I related and bonded with him. And then I looked at him and I said alright, I’m a sucker for goldens. They’re like reincarnated humans that did their life great, and they got to come back as a loving golden retriever.

What’s your dog’s name? He told me the dog’s name, and we talked a little bit longer. We didn’t talk about the job for about 20, 25 minutes. We talked about golf, growing up a golf kid. Talking about dogs, we bonded.

And he instantly hired me. That’s how you do it. You get people to trust you by relating to their world. You actually care about their world. You care about what’s going on in their world.

Relating to someone’s world means you actually get the best deal, as well. People want to give discounts and deals to people they actually like and you can form that instant bond, instant life, when you relate to somebody’s world. That’s all it takes. Take the extra minute to get to know the person you’re dealing with and they’ll take the extra minute to make sure that you’re well taken care of.