How many of you would love to find the one in 2015?

I’ve got a weekend seminar, called the Love Blueprint that is going to help you formulate an action plan to find the one in 2015.

Finding ‘the one’ means to be able to understand who you are as a woman, what your true desires are, how you can show up in a relationship, and understanding your  love blueprint.

But, I want to talk to you about a myth. About, ‘the one’. It’s going to be big talk between now and Valentine’s Day, and moving forward.  It’s all about finding ‘the one’.  I’ve read so many e-mails from all of you about finding your soul mate, finding ‘the one’.

It would be an absolutely beautiful thing to connect on that deep a level. Imagine being able to love like you’ve never loved before. Imagine being able to show up in a relationship like never before. It gives me man goose-bumps and makes me want to show up as well.  Sometimes, I wonder if any of you are the one for me.  Sometimes I wonder if any of you reading right now are secretly trying to find a way to meet me.

Or, secretly somebody that I should be with. We’re all romantic in many ways, and I was a very romantic person for a long time. But I’ve come up with an action plan to understand about what finding the one is really about. In order to find ‘the one’, you need to have already had a lot of ‘ones’. Think back in your life of how many ones you’ve thought you had.  Depending on the age, some of you have got double-digit ‘ones’, and that’s okay.

You need to get realistic and start realizing that there may only be one person left for you for the rest of your life. Or there may be one person for you for a few years. It’s all about finding the right man, the right man for where you are in your life right now.

That’s what the Love Blueprint seminar weekend is all about.  A lot of people don’t know who the right man is for them. Yeah, I know, you’re a woman, you’ve got lists, lots of things of what you want.  But, the bottom line is, what are your true desires and passions?

In order to find ‘the one’, in order to find the right man, you need to show up every day.  You need to be able to put yourself out there, vulnerable, every day, and be authentic. That’s what finding the one is about, being able to communicate.