So you want to know how to find love?

Well, answer me a question first please ladies…

Why do women make men work SO hard?

Here’s what so many women do. They give a guy their number. They’re attracted to him, but even so, they make him work like a madman to get a date. It’s completely crazy ladies!

If you like a man enough to give him your phone number and he texts you, text him back right away. Don’t leave it days. The same if he picks up the phone. If you miss his call, phone him back the second you can. If you’re having your nails done when he wants to take you on a date, reschedule your appointment.

If you were going to a friend’s house, move your visit to another night. Your night of eating chocolate and complaining about past dates can wait a few days can’t it? Tell her to put her frustrations on ice for just one night.

You need to start making it a little easier on men. Forget all the advice about making yourself unavailable to see if he’s really interested in you. It’s all crazy. You want the momentum going or he’ll lose interest in you; especially if he’s a confident, and emotionally evolved man. Most women have this thing about making guys work for a date. They think they’re being a challenge.

Guys don’t want to play games. We don’t want a challenge. We want it to be simple and straightforward. You need to make yourself available. You have a guy who wants to take you out and see how you guys connect. He wants to see if there’s a potential relationship there. You can challenge guys in other ways. If he becomes a bit fresh at the end of the first date you can tell him, “Hey, hold your horses now!”

There’s no problem showing him he needs to be patient before he gets the prize. You need to make him earn that from you. But if he’s making an effort to get to know you, then give him that chance. So many women complain men don’t take control in relationships. Most men are passive, so when you find one who wants to take the lead you should go with it. Respond to his actions.

Start to make it easier on guys and I guarantee you’ll eventually find the love you desire, the love you dream of, and the love you deserve. It doesn’t make you more attractive when you make it hard on men. It doesn’t weed out the men from the boys. It just turns off the men who genuinely do like you.

So, the next time a guy texts you and asks you on a date, what are you going to do?

You’re going to say yes. Give him a chance to impress you. Let him take you out, and see if you have any chemistry. What’s the point in texting back and forth for weeks, only to find you don’t really connect? It’s stupid!

As for your friends, I bet they’d prefer a week off from bashing men to hear how amazing your new man is, and how he could be “The one!”