Hello, ladies.

Today, let’s talk about what success is.

Specifically, let’s talk about how to be successful when dating online.

I have found that woman become like men in the world of online dating.

You know how when men approach you and you’re out of they’re league, and you’re just not attracted to that guy at all, and you think to yourself, “How is this guy coming after me with absolutely no game, no confidence, and dressed like this? How could this man possibly think I’d be attracted to him?”

Well let me tell you something:

I’ve been running this experiment for a week, now. And I’ve got to tell you, I’m beginning to really understand the perspective of hot women. I’m getting women chase after me online that would never have the guts to even flirt with a man like me in person.

But when it comes to online dating, these women all of a sudden think, “Wow, I’m going to message a type of guy I’ve never dated before, a kind of guy that’s never approached me before, a kind of guy that’s never been attracted to me before—and he is going to want to be with me.”

This is not to sound harsh, at all.

The reality is you know the type of men that are attracted to you.

You know the type of guys you get.

You know the type of men that respond to you.

Then why waste your time on somebody that you probably wouldn’t get?

Online dating is just so bizarre.  It gives you this illusion that you can have whatever you want, instead of concentrating on what is best for you.

I believe that we all have a range of person that’s attracted to us. There’s nothing wrong with it. You’ve just got to know your market.  Know the type of people that are attracted to you.

It’s really that simple.

I tell men all the time: ‘Stop chasing women that are not in your range.’

For instance, let’s say a guy is overweight and doesn’t care about the way he dresses, but yet he’s constantly hitting on gym rats that are fashion forward.

He’s not going to get that type of woman.

And that’s what it is about.  When you’re online dating, look for the type of man that is in your range. There are plenty of them online that would love to get an email from you.

The point of online dating is to understand your market and know how to advertise to them. The woman that knows the type of man that finds her attractive, and knows how to communicate to him, will always be successful in her dating life.