Here are a couple of important questions that will change your life… maybe:

How self-aware are you… and is spirituality real?

Remember when we were children, we only played to have fun.

Now, as adults, we’ve become a society full of… who is more self-aware, and more spiritual than the other?

Today, take a look and see if spirituality is really real.

I was hanging out with my friend, Melanie, a woman I’ve been friends with for years.

I met her at a seminar, one of those self-aware, touchy-feely seminars, and the minute we met, we clicked. We’ve been great friends ever since.

She was over at my house the other night, and we were sitting around having dinner, and we started to talk about self-awareness and spirituality.

It was interesting, because we talked about being kids.

I remember when I had a crush on Diane Brubaker.

Diane and I would play every day after school.

As a matter of fact, I couldn’t wait to get home from kindergarten, just to play in the playground with Diane.

Diane and I would build sand castles in the sand box.

Diane and I would take a walk in the woods.

Diane and I would go on the swings and then the teeter-totter.

Diane and I would hold hands and just look at each other and enjoy each other’s company.

Fast forward to adulthood. If I met Diane right now, Diane and I wouldn’t go to the playground anymore, or walk in the woods, and we certainly wouldn’t just hold hands and stare at each other.

When adults meet, they seem to have conversations about how much they learned in their last relationship, or how much they’ve grown over the past year, how self-aware they

Or what books they’ve read by Wayne Dyer.

Or if they’ve read The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.

It’s funny. Adults no longer play in the mud, hold hands, and skip. When adults meet, it’s about who is more self-aware than the other, what lessons they’ve learned, what they’ve embraced, how they’re so open to a loving, honest, thoughtful relationship. It’s all this consciousness talk that goes on, selling ourselves to each other. But I think we might be selling ourselves to ourselves.

Self-awareness is a term that I use here to describe being self-aware. Self-aware does not mean that you need to go and tell everybody else how self-aware you are, and how many lessons you’ve learned in life, because if you really learned the lessons, you’re not talking about them.

You’re actually living them. I think people who talk about how self-aware they are and how spiritual they are, are really trying to sell themselves in spirituality and self-awareness.

Think about that. The next time you go on a date, and the person sitting across from you is selling his self-awareness to you, selling his spirituality to you.

Think about it the next time you’re sitting across from a man. Does he actually walk the walk — or just talk the talk.

Self-awareness is a beautiful thing. I mean, so many of my programs come with a self-love program.

But the power of self-awareness and spirituality is something we carry within us all day long.

Today’s video is pretty amazing because it goes through self-awareness and how we sell ourselves to each other every day.

I’d like you to play this video in it’s entirety, and I’d like you to start thinking about how it relates to your own life, your own spirituality, and your own self-awareness. Enjoy it. I’ll see you tomorrow.